Behavioral Disorders in Children : Problems and probable solutions


Behavioral Disorders are a serious issue in modern life. It generally can be found in Children. Behavioral issues can be normal sometimes, but if it starts to develop indications of chronic Aggressive behaviour or Attention Seeking behaviour, then there is definitely an issue. Here we are discussing types of Behavioural Disorders found in Children and some Probable Solutions.

1. Indication :

Behavioural Disorders or Disruptive Behavioral disease is generally found in children. In most of the cases, Parents have to take their toddler for some mental rehabilitation. If left untreated for a longer time, it may cause some serious damage to the mental health of the child.

Several symotoms of behavioral disorders can be found in a specific child. This includes :

  • Irritation.
  • Unnecessary Anger.
  • Nagging.
  • Continuous Argument.
  • Disobey Rules.
  • High or Low Self-Esteem.
  • Blaming others for no reason.

2. Types of Behavioral Disorders :

There are noticably some different types of Behavioral Disorders found in Children.

A) ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Normally, in the boyhood stage, a child can experience some of the symptoms of ADHD. It is a very common Disorder in children around 3 to 7 years. It’s medication includes therapy and drugs, but sometimes it’s not curable upto adolescence. Affected child can face issues in school, or in his/her own home. Though kids always tend to have some difficulties to pay attention, but kids under 5 years generally are diagnosed with the basic symptoms of ADHD.

Symptoms of ADHD and How To Deal With them :

If your Toddler has some of these indications, then he/she could be diagnosed with ADHD.

  • Extreme Impatience.
  • Impulsivity.
  • Interruption in talking.
  • Aggresiveness.
  • Endangering self or others.
  • Problems in obeying directions.
  • Lack of Calmness.

To restrain ADHD in the early age, Children may have to been through some medications and therapies. Consult Psychiatrists or Behavioral Study experts to know more about ADHD and it’s remedies. Parents should have patience this time. They have to give the space their toddler want. Always keep an eye on them. When he’s not behaving normally, talk with them in a friendly manner. Try to give them Zinc Supplients and Vitamin B6 as much as possible.

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B) ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

Another very commonly found Behavioral Disorder in Children. The children get annoyed easily, is short tempered and get angry every now and then.

Symptoms of ODD and How To Deal With them :

Symptoms of ODD is sometimes difficult to point out. In this case, you can take help of an expert. There are some very basic symptoms of ODD. Like ;

  • Easily gets tempered.
  • Denies the instructions of the adults.
  • Defiant behavior.
  • Argumentative.
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Your Toddler may seems to be normal, but if you find any of these symptoms in his/her behaviour, take necessary steps. There is no particular cause of these kinds of disorders. It may be an issue of bad parenting or bad environment. You have to find out where the issue actually lies. There are no particular medication or remedies to prevent or cure this forever. Good Parenting, friendly behaviour with your child, spending times together can gradually helps these symptoms to be cured.

C) Anxiety Disorder

It is common to feel fear and anxious in childhood. But excessive fear from something can eventually grow anxiety disorders in children. Children can’t get over it when they are in some kind of fear or stress. That can eventually affect their performances in school or in sports.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder and How To Deal With them :

There are some specific indications of anxiety disorder. Such as –

  • Feels scared when parents are not with them.
  • Unnecessary worry.
  • Palpitations, Heart Pounding.
  • Depression
  • Feeling sad for a long time.
  • Feels hopeless and unwanted.
  • Don’t pay attention properly.

If any of these symptoms occurs to your children, you have to take proper medical step. You have to find the root of the issue of your children, maybe trauma or anything else. You have to take help of a mental health professional, or you can schedule a behavioral therapy. Give nutritious food to your toddler and support him mentally and socially.

Mental Disorders CAN BE COMPLETELY CURED. There may not be any particular medication but your unconditional love towards your toddlers can be the best remedy for them.

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