What is SEO? Why is it necessary for Blogging? Let us discuss the Types of SEO and Importance of SEO!!

What is SEO, Types of SEO, Importance of SEO. Why is it necessary for Blogging?

Nowdays nearly everyone have some idea about blogging or web design and almost everybody has as a minimum one or two blogs or internet sites. folks who paintings online regularly may recognize the which means of search engine optimization or SEO.

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But for folks who are new to this line, it’s miles regular for them to have little or no idea approximately this, so anybody, younger or antique, does SEO to put together their personal web page or different website online, they need to have the proper concept in this regard.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

search engine optimization
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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method or approach which make a website or page is introduced to the primary web page within the seek outcomes based on a key-word in diverse engines like google & Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO is the technical talent of ranking a website in search engines like google.
  • In extra detail, let’s say you’re a content writer. Now you are serving the client via fiber, upwork and so forth. Now one individual desires to do his paintings from outdoor the upwork fiber. If he Google it, heaps of people like you may find it. in case you need to be the primary amongst these lots of people, you need to do search engine optimization.

Types of SEO

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All of us know that there are 2 types of SEO. On-page and Off-page SEO. Which is wrong. So let’s get the correct and exact idea about the types of SEO.

1 . Organic SEO
2. Paid SEO

What is Organic SEO?

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  • Organic SEO is carried out in accordance with all the policies and guidelines of search engine optimization. For which Google does not must pay any money. it’s far possible to carry your website to the first page of Google by working hard using your own knowledge. On page SEO and Off page SEO comes under Organic SEO.

What is Paid SEO?

  • Paid SEO approaches paid search engine optimization for Google. We put it up for sale on Google to get acquainted with our blog. a lot of the time while you search by typing something, the first result that comes as Advertisement written next to it, those are basically paid SEO.

What is On page SEO?

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  • On-page SEO is all about inner work, from web site design to content writing. The design of the internet site must be user friendly.
Here are a few things to hold in mind whilst doing on-page page SEO
  • Write good quality content.
  • Try to shorten the post URL.
  • Increase the loading speed of the site.
  • Internal linking should be done.
  • Outbound link should be given.
  • Use tags.
  • Use heads h1, h2, h3, h4 correctly.
  • Use category.
  • Use keywords in the post. .
  • Image optimization.

What is Off page SEO?

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  • Off page SEO is is a advertising and marketing method used to sell a website and benefit popularity. Off-web page search engine optimization is the procedure of having a hyperlink for yourself from another website online relative on your website. Off page SEO can also be achieved with the aid of sharing hyperlinks on numerous social media.
Here are a few things to hold in mind whilst doing Off-page page SEO
  • Guest Posting.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • Article Submission.
  • Image Submission.
  • PDF Submission .
  • Marketing on various social media.

There are three types of SEO based on Legality

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  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO?

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  • The Way in which SEO is executed to rank a site via following the regulations of search engines with out resorting to any illegal means is called white hat search engine optimization. if you do search engine optimization in this way, the web page does not have any ricks. that’s why nearly all people now does White Hat SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO?

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  • The way in which the search engines like google and yahoo are being fooled, spamming in numerous unlawful ways, bringing the website to the pinnacle of the quest engine on the primary web page. Or illegally ranking a website in a search engine is referred to as Black Hat SEO. Black hat search engine optimization does no longer support any search engine.
These are some ways to do Black Hat SEO (We do not encourage to do this kind of Search Engine Optimization )
  • Duplicate content.
  • Invisible article
  • Paid Backlink

What is Grey Hat SEO?

  • The combined process of Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO is called Gray Hat SEO.

Why SEO is Important ?

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important in the current digital age. Suppose you have a company. Good quality products are sold in your company. Now if you want to market locally then you have to take the products to the people. How many more people will be able to reach your product with so much effort.
  • In the digital age, you have to market online so that you can easily reach everyone. This requires a website. Wrote about your product on the website. If you want to be the first among them to write like this, you will need SEO. You may already know that search engine optimization is involved in every profession. Doctors, engineers, engineers, businessmen, teachers, no matter who you are, there is no way to spread your skills without Search Engine Optimization.
  • You can also learn SEO and earn a lot of money by working online. Currently since online marketing has increased. So the demand for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has also increased at a huge rate.

Why SEO is necessary for blogging

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whether or not you are running a blog for money, site visitors or just working on your passion on blog, it’s miles important that you use demonstrated SEO strategies to rank higher in search outcomes.

Lets know How SEO helps for blogging .
  • Imports Traffic : SEO helps your web page rank rather with the aid of engines like google, accordingly boom the visibility of your products and services to the largest volume. As investigated in the real international, a lot of the net users are using engines like google to discover the statistics they need, amongst which most of them most effective browse the webpages listed on the primary searching result page. which means if human beings look for a particular product and discover your web page in the looking web page with a high ranking, then your possibilities to be visited by way of these potential clients will boost extensively.
  • Online Promotion : Unlike some traditional promoting activities like commercial, discount, and celebrity endorsements which might be all transient, SEO is a effective on-line advertising approach that by no means sleeps, and works Every day, and 12 months, a SEO friendly internet site can get a long term positioning in the seek rating, that means that your site may be placed at the maximum apparent location for a protracted time frame, been observed and visited via limitless humans uninterruptedly.
  • Make a Signature : Assume you’re selling cookies online, and your online keep is well optimized with a long-time period high ranking in Searches, then whenever humans search for this commodity, they may see your website online within the first time, therefore imperceptibly build a intellectual hyperlink between your shop and fishing address.
  • Improve Your Situation : SEO can uninterruptedly promote your web page day and night time, assist your webpages rank quite in searching end result, consequently brings plenty of recent visits every day. certainly, with a exceptional wide variety of new visitors and glued each day traffic, you may promote extra services and products without difficulty, which result in extra earnings and revenue.
  • Improve Results : Normally, a SEO friendly website contains meaningful content material, effective keywords, and a mild range of pictures and videos, with no irritating dynamic webpages, junk facts, and illegal hyperlinks. consequently, visitors can have an awesome reading enjoy with a fantastic influence of your enterprise website online.

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