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#STAY HYDRATED!!! “Science behind Drinking more Water”- Top 10 Water Facts you must know!! Read now

Importance of water

Human body comprises of 60% water, approximately. Doctors suggest to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Water is crucial part of our diet and health. It is an essential nutrient that Body requires for performing various metabolic functions. Human beings can survive without food for several weeks but not without water.


Human body cannot store water. It is lost in breathing, sweating, excretion and other processes. Hence, body demands a significant amount of water for normal functioning of systems. Along with potable water, Daily beverages and food too have water content. Body get 20% of water from beverages and food sources. Other 80% body receives as the water we drink.

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Let us discuss, Why is water important for life? How much water body require on an Average? What are the Tips to Stay Hydrated? Here are some water facts that will help people to understand benefits of water.

Importance of Drinking Water for Health

  • Water carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells, tissues and organs in our body.
  • Water regulates the body cell tonicity.
  • It flushes off waste and other toxins from the body.
  • It regulates the body temperature.
  • Maintains electrolyte balance in body.
  • Water is known to be Lubricant of muscles and joints.
  • Water is very essential for kidneys.
  • Water is required in almost all the metabolic activities inside the body.
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Water for Well being!!

Here are some reasons, that will create awareness towards drinking appropriate amount of water in our daily life.


1) Delivering Oxygen

Chemical formula of water is H2O, that means it is composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Blood is comprised of 90% water. Blood travel long throughout the body’s each and every cell. Blood circulation, also circulate Oxygen to different parts of body. Water maintains the blood pressure of body.

2) Production of Saliva

Water you drink makes up saliva. Saliva keep moist the mouth. Saliva in mouth have electrolytes and an enzyme known salivary amylase, which starts the process of digestion from oral cavity. When you drink less water, mouth get dried because of dehydration.

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3) Lubrication of Joints, spinal cord, brain and tissues

Long term dehydration cause Joint pain. Why??? Because joints and disk of spine is made up of cartilage, which have 80% of water. Water lubricate the joints and reduce the chances of joint shock. Water cushions the brain structure and it’s functioning. Brain is most important part of human body, as it control all the actions and settle coordination in the body. Dehydration effects the production of hormones and neurotransmitters.


4) Beauty

Dehydration cause skin problems. Skin start to have wrinkles at an early age. Water plays a role in formation of collagen fibres of skin. Hydrated skin appear more glowy and bright. However, aging, uv rays and pollution are other things that cause skin problems and may not be affected by water intake.


5) Weight loss

Studies linked drinking more water with weight loss. It is suggested to drink a glassful of water half an hour before you have your lunch or any meal. That reduces hunger and chances of over eating. Hence, gain in weight can be controlled by drinking sufficient water. Water increases metabolism and have no calories.

6) Body Temperature

Exercise cause sweating. Sweating in summers make your body cool. Being hydrated recover the water lost from the body in the form of sweat.

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7) Boost up Energy

Drinking more water boost up energy. As the brain get more oxygen, it helps to concentrate and focus. Body feels fresh and energetic as all metabolic activities work properly. It improves mood and hormonal balance.

8) Flushing off Waste

Water is necessary for removal of excretory waste as urine and feces from the body. Kidneys require more water as its function is to filter blood and remove all the toxins out of body. Insufficient water in body for long cause kidney damage and stones.

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9) Aids in digestion

Dehydration can lead to acidity in stomach, constipation and problem in bowel movement. Water is key substance in the process of digestion.

10) Nutrients absorption

Along with food breakdown, water helps to dissolve nutrients, vitamins and other minerals. This water delivers all these nutrients throughout the body. This also helps in fighting off illness. Thus, makes your body more active and healthy.


Water requirements per day

Amount of water intake depends on person to person. On an average, it is recommended to drink about 2-3 litres of water daily.

  • For men :- About 125 ounces that is equal to 15.5 cups of water every day (approx 3.7 lt)
  • For women :- About 91 ounces that is equal to 11.5 cups of water each day ( approx 2.7 lt)

Tips to increase water intake

  1. Carry a water bottle along with you, wherever you go.
  2. Track your water intake.
  3. Set a reminder in your mobile or clock that will remind you of drinking water in every one or two hours.
  4. Drink water as you get up in the morning, before you go to bed at night and before & after your meal.
  5. Drink more water if you are involved in health exercises.
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#So, these are the tips and tricks to keep yourself hydrated, drinking sufficient amount of water daily and stay healthy.