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5 ways to identify healthy relationships: When should you leave?


Relationships, whether love or family or friends are a transactional space. Both sides are equally responsible for the upkeeping of relationships, and there are certain ‘red flags’ and ‘green flags’ you can identify in relationships. Here, we will be discussing the signs of aspects of romantic relationships and the signs of having a healthy one.


Healthy relationships can be best identified by mutual respect, encouragement, good guidance, trust, comfort, and so on. On the other hand, constant stress, pressure and negativity can be a sign of unhealthy and toxic relationships. Be sure to identify them, and let go of something or someone who only harms you, before it is too late!

Here are the ways to know whether the ‘love’ you share with a person is not hamful or toxic for you in any way:


A really successful and positive partner will be a great friend too! No matter what you do, the things and actions you care about will be treated with respect. If there is a disagreement, the fight will never lead to the point where there is the risk of demeaning, or saying things that hurt the other person in a disrespectful manner.

There will be the space for discussions about issues that bother you, in a healthy manner, which never harms you, but only helps build a stronger relationship.

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If there is anything you are working on- a new project, performance, or preparing for an interview, your partner must not be constantly discouraging. If it is something that you care about, and make you happy- even if it is a hobby, or something that your partner is not quite interested in, a good relationship will always be encouraging, and will always try to contribute in a positive manner.

If you notice signs of bringing your confidence down, envy, or unappreciative behavior, think twice before taking the relationship too far.

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Spending a considerable amount of time with your partner, sometimes reveals some sides that you may not have expected. Their reaction to crisis situations, or their reaction during fights, or disagreements is the best way to figure these sides out. Screaming, aggression, and verbal abuse are all ‘red flags’ once is becomes a toxic and chronic event.

Most importantly there must be ZERO physical violence. Remember, in no situation, do you deserve to be hit, slapped, or go through any form of physical abuse. Even if it has happens once, LEAVE.


Be careful about not letting your relationship eat into your entire life. We have all seen couples who give no time to other friends, leave out all their individual activities, just for the relationship. Best examples of these relationships are marriages that demand the wives to stop working.

No matter what, remember that you are a separate being, and have your personal tastes, peer groups, and interests. This includes the aspect of mutual respect. The greatest ‘red flag’ would be if your partner tries to stop you from having your personal life. Talk out your own privacy boundaries, and assure a basis of trust in order to strengthen your relationship.

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Though trust is the crux of a relationship, it does not come suddenly, and needs to be won between two people. Only when you know your partner well, and have become considerably comfortable around each other, where you can be yourself without being in fear- your relationship is healthy, and the basis of trusting AND being trusted will come along.

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