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Appreciation is a much needed thing in every day’s life. Here are 7 innovative ways to express your thankfulness.


We, the humans are social beings. In everyday life, we like to gather, to gossip and to get a little appreciation. A little appreciation means a lot to someone. This article deals with 7 innovative ways to appreciate someone.

How appreciation plays an important role in today’s life ?


Appreciating someone, certainly, is an important thing in today’s life. A little ‘Thanks’ or ‘Thank You Very Much’ can change someone’s day completely. It is the verbal power. We want to be appreciated in everywhere, be it in Public or Private. If you give someone his/her due appreciation, that would value both of your relationship. Appreciation is nothing, but valuing someone’s virtue. Here are some ways to appreciate someone.

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1. Appreciate for Little Things:

Appreciate for small things. A small appreciation may uprise your relationship. Say for example, you have forgotten something very important which you had to bring to office today. One of your colleagues who works beside your table helped you with it. Don’t miss the chance to appreciate him/her.

2. Write for Them:

In the era of internet and social media, we have became so much virtual, we almost forgot the importance of meeting someone face to face. Writing something appreciating for someone can make your relationship even stronger. Write something expressing your thankfulness towards someone who you want to appreciate. Meet him/her and read it for them or you can let them read. They will definitely like it.

3. Make a dish :

Maybe you want to give your loved ones a special treat ? It even maybe a delicious homemade dish ! Maybe you want to appreciate someone. Cook something on your own as a treat. Or you can take him/her in a dinner to your favourite restaurant to spend some quality time together.

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4. Spend time Together :

Spending time together is the best thing you can do to your loved ones. In our daily hectic work- schedule, we often forget to spend time together. It shows that you are appreciating him/her and you are thankful to him/her. Maybe you can binge watch some favourite episodes of your favorite web-series or you can go for a movie. Do whatever you prefer to do, but do it often.

5. Plan sudden vacations:

Having a small leave for 2-3 days ? Don’t miss the chance ! Surprise him/her with a sudden vacation. Tell them, how much you appreciate them for their wonderful job they have done till. This will not only grow your relationship, but also increase the mutual respect between you.

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”

William Shakespeare.
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6. Gift as a token of appreciation :

Are you happy with your colleague’s work ? Are you want to thank your mom for cooking delicious dishes for you ? Why don’t you gift them something ? Not something very precious, but a little gift will do. But we assure you, that little gift will surely have a positive impact in your relationship.

7. Be thankful and Positive:

Appreciate everyone for their job. Always behave well with everyone. Be yourself and genuine. When you want to say ‘Thank You’ to someone, make sure you say it wholeheartedly. It will be good if you appreciate people socially. Keep it in mind, we like to be appreciated socially, where everyone can know that you’re a good person who appreciates everyone for their good deed.

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Final Words :

When someone does something for you, he/she surely wants to be appreciated. Don’t be formal everywhere. Make sure you are appreciating them very often. It actually costs nothing to be thankful. Show emotional attachment to appreciate them. It not only displays how much you care for them, but also shows how much the impactful their presence is in your life.

It’s hightime to show your thankfulness. Be happy and healthy.