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A Few Fort That Are Not Famous For Carrying Historical Heritage in India


From the pages of history we came to know about a lot of kings, their heroic deeds, legendary battles and how the situation was in their kingdoms.

By the word ‘fort’ it gives us a significant vibes which is associated with some sort of historical feelings. A fort was considered to be the symbolic structure which represented the power and valour of a king or kingdom. Our country has so many historical forts which still bears the historic importance from hundreds of years; but there are some of them which are less famous for historical heritage.

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Source; thrillophilia; torna Fort, Pune
  1. Manjarabad Fort:

Inspired by the French architect, Sebastian Le Prestre de Vauban, this fort was built in the style of defense fort by Tipu Sultan. It is situated in Mysore, Karnataka. Situated on a hill of Western Ghats this fort gives a star shape if it is seen from the above.

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The unique structure of this fort makes it significant. In Kannada language the word ‘Manju’ means mist or for; thus bearing its name Manjarabad. The fort is just 6km from the main town of Sakleshpur.

2. Candragiri Fort:

This fort is more famous for the idols of Gods and Goddesses, utensils, coins, swords, shields, etc. rather that historical facts. The fort is situated in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. This fort is divided in many parts consisting Raja Mahal, Rani Mahal and many ramparts. One of them, the Raja Mahal is turned into a museum.

Source: IXIGO

Chandragiri Fort is considered to be the belongings of Vijaynagara Rulers. It is also said that the famous Sri Krishnadeva Raya spent his childhood days in this fort.

3. Bassein Fort/ Vasai Fort:

Bassein fort or famously known as Vasai fort is commonly known as the best shooting spot of Bollywood movies. The fort is situated in Maharastra at Vasai village.

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The fort was considered as the Northern capital of Portuguese. Though it is in ruins now, it had a tinge of European style for which it is still famous on this date.

Keeping in mind about it’s historical facts, the Archaeological Survey of India has decided to restore this fort.

4. Narwar Fort:

Situated in Madhya Pradesh, the Narwar Fort is built on a top of a hill, 500 feet above ground level. The Kachwaha dynasty of Rajputs built this fort in the Rajput Style. It was later occupied by the Mughals and the Scindias in the 19th century.

Source: NROER

The interior design of this fort is still magnificent to look. The walss of the fort was once decorated with colorful paints and beads made of glass. It was once a time when the fort was considered as the second magnificent to the Gowalior fort.

5. Warangal Fort:

During the realm of King Ganapatideva, the Warangal fort was built by the Kakatiya rulers around 13th century. The fort was once ornamented with the beautiful cravings of Lord Vishnu associated with attendents and was carried by Garuda. But unfortunately this fort was brutally destroyed by the invaders and the ruins are left behind.

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The gateway, named as Kriti Torana of the fort is still standing bearing the magnificent work on it and with a height around 30 feet. Situated in Hyderabad, the fort still has a temple, ‘Swayambhudevi Alayam’ worshipping Mother Earth.

6. Chitkan Fort:

Built around 16th century the Chitkan fort is located in Jammu and Kashmir in Kargil district. The fort gives us the vibes of the castles with some similarities of the European style structures.

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The fort was once consisted of 9 stories with a beautiful backdrop of snow covered mountains. Unfortunately in the recent times the fort is just lest with some walls and rubble leaving the rest in ruins completely.

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