How can it still be legal for men to rape their wives in 2021?

this needs to change

Marriage is considered as an intimate union between two soles that come from the hand of God. It is disturbingly hard to imagine that the person who is supposed to love you until death can betray you in a way that totally punctures your heart into pieces.

In India more than 7 women are loosing their lives every 5 minutes from getting raped later on their bodies being mutilated. It is not uncommon, everyday we open newspapers to finds such dreadful news all over it. Protests, candle march, boycott takes place continuously but to be honest nothing has left a mark.

When a stranger is doing it. He doesn’t know the victim personally but when it comes to the most important person in our lives the balance changes. It is not about pain or pleasure anymore but it is about civility, consideration, and regard.

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Will the position of women in India ever change?

Women have always been treated as an object of desire and a reproductive machine for men. Back in medieval times, the people around the woman would burn her alive along with the corpse of her husband, and now, in modern times it is her husband who feeds on her like she is some kind of delish meat. And the worst part of all these is that the woman neither had an opinion back then nor now.

In rural India, where girls of age 10 to 12 are married off and they are expected to take care of the husband and the household at such a tender age. The in-laws take full advantage of her- makes her cook, do dishes, wash clothes, take care of livestock and that list continues but in return she cannot expect the basics like proper food or respect but she is treated with all sorts of mistreatments. Lakhs of women become victims of domestic violence and their voices are unheard.

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The impunity of it:

Some say it is against their culture as illegalizing marital rape will increase nihilism in families. The people argue that marital rape cannot be put into the crime category like in the west because of the social and economic differences. It is been told that women can never be raped by their husbands as a good Indian wife will dutifully do everything in her capability to make her man happy. But it is actually the fear of marriages falling apart that is stopping the government from taking such action as most marriages in rural India will break if women are educated about marital rape.

The elders of the family have said that once a woman gets married off then she hands over the never concluding sexual consent to her husband. This is why the country still follows remote laws that declare:

“the husband cannot be guilty of a rape committed by himself upon his lawful wife, for by their mutual matrimonial consent and contract the wife hath given herself up in this kind unto her husband which she cannot retract.”

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Others have concluded that if the bill is passed then the women of this country will utilize it wrongly. An affidavit was submitted in the Delhi High Court stating it will become an “easy tool to harass the husbands,”. According to my opinion, this country is not ready to give any stand to women. Men and elders of the country are so volatile in nature that giving basic rights to women seems to scare them off because they know that once women of this country are educated about their rights, toxic masculinity will not take place.

Forcefully sleeping with our own wife will not make you a man but giving her the respect and the appreciation she deserves, definitely will.