Hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So I am here again with another very informative topic about the procedures of FTM Transgender surgery.

So guys I have already written an article about what is Transgender and what is the difference between sex and gender and after that I have received lots of feedback and requested to write about surgery procedures of any Transgender person.

So that I am here today with the article about the surgical procedures of FTM gender surgery. That means female to male transition process.



Okay, so if a person with female body has gender dysphoria and they feel like male then many transgender male want to change themselves by physically.

And in this era of 2021 this is absolutely possible thing and it’s not a big deal to do in India or anywhere because it’s a certified surgery by medical research.

Okay so today I am just telling you about the 3 types of FTM surgery that a female has to do and 1 parmanent treatment.
That are Top surgery, Hestro surgery and Bottom surgery.
And the hormone therapy or treatment for the life time.


Look, there is no particular argument that you need to do top surgery at first for FTM, but if you do it then you can get better benefits and results.

Top surgery are basically two types, that are 1) key hole & 2) double insertion


KEY HOLE surgery mainly is for whom has the breast size around 28, 30, 32, 34 or 38.
And DOUBLE INSERTION is for whom has more than 38 of breast size.

Okay so as I told you that it has two parts so now I am telling you about the process.

In the Key hole surgery the doctors or surgents ( preferably say that there is no fixed surgery for top surgery of Transgenders) cut the nipple of the breast and remove the fat from it. After that the stitch it.
In this surgery you have many benefits like your money fir this surgery is less than double insertion, you will not have a scar on your chest, it will fast recover and many more.

In the double insertion surgery the surgents cut a side of breast and remove the fat. In this surgery you have to spend extra money, it will be more painful and take more time to recover and you will have a scar on chest.



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Okay guy’s now after the top surgery you have to start your hormone therapy or hormone treatment.

In this case you have to take testosterone hormones by injection. You can take tablets or cream also but injection it’s far better because it will spread your body very easily and the feedback results will shown very fast.


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Look, a female to male (FTM) gender surgery is about to change a female to male. A male means a male. So by the hormone treatment the female person will get so many big big results. They are given below..

  1. Your voice will change to male voice from a female voice.
  2. You will have face amd body hair like a normal male.
  3. Your menstruation (periods) will stopped.
  4. Your strength and behavior will change day by day.

And many more…
You have to take it one time in every month for life time. Firstly you have to take in week by week then slowly slowly you can take it by month.

Hormones are many types. I will discuss in detail in another article.

Look if you do top surgery at first and the start your hormones treatment then you can see you changes day by day. You can see the society, how they behave with you. You can change your data like name, sex by legally.

One more thing is if you have done once a surgery then you should take 6 months to do another one. You can take more time but not less. So in this time you can easily start your hormones treatment.

So guys I hope you like this article. Today this is over now. I will tell you the hestro and bottom surgery in details in the part 2 of this blog.

Thank you…