Hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So today here I am with an unique content about “Transgender”.

See, this blog will for some specific people like who is a Transgender person or who is researching on this topic. So before we have to go details discussion we should know some basic data about Transgender people and the basic differences about gender and sex.

So let’s read the first basic thing…


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We all are known to this word “SEX”. Most of the people know that sex is a human organ. Some people thinks sex is sexual orientation or physical attraction or activities between two people, sorry between a male and femal. Some people think that sex is sexual identity and bla bla bla..

So now I am telling you what is sex. Look if I can’t tell you the proper defination of sex but I can help you to understand this.

Basically sex is one of the human behaviour or activity. Not only human but also every animal has their own sexual behaviour, own sexual organ, own sexual orientation.

But here has some twist. See, sexual organ and sexual orientation is not relatable to each other everytime for all animal or human. A human or an animal when born they have a sexual organ as usual and that is the physical sexual condition of human or animal. The physical sexual identification is what sex organ the person or the animal has.

So, I think it’s clear to you! Now let’s know some data about gender.


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Look, we all are known to this word gender. In our childhood we all have read about gender change in grammar. But this gender is not what many people think about. Almost 90% people of this world think that gender and sex is same, gender is our sexual identity, gender is our sexual organ and etc etc.

So guys let’s put all this kinda opinions at one side and come to the main point of gender.

Look, Gender is obviously our sexual identity but not by physically. Gender is a human’s or an animal’s mental sexual condition. Yes, a person or an animal thinks or identity themselves by which category of people, that is called Gender Identity.

If a person or animal identify or express themselves as the same sex organ they have, then they are straight or heterosexual people.
It means if a male person identity him as a male and his sexual orientation is on a female then the person is straight or heterosexual and this is his gender identity.

Gender identity is all about the mental feelings. What people thinks about themselves about the sexual identity.

So guy’s I hope it’s clear. Now let’s come to the last and important and main discussing topic for today that is Transgender.



Guy’s we all are known to this famous word Transgender. But don’t know the proper data or definitions or any information about the Transgender.

The huge number of people still think that Transgender is third gender. But this is most irritating and wrong information about it. I am telling you the truth.

See, as I told you before that gender and sex is different thing. Gender is mental sexual condition and sex is physical sexual condition.

Now Transgender is about the mental sexual condition that means it is a part of gender. Gender has so many categories but we don’t discuss others this time. We are discussing about Transgender, which is the main part of gender.

I am telling you by giving an example that you can understand easily.

If one person born as female organ in her body but her mental sexual condition is of a boy, then the person is Transgender. That means Gender nad Sex is different. Mental sexual condition and sex organ in body are not matched.

Hope you understand! So now let’s come to more briefly topic.


Transgender Privilege

Transgender has two main parts. That are
Transgender male and Transgender female.

Look, this is very easy to understand but again I will tell about it.
I have already gave an example avobe about a female body and male gender identity. In this case the person is Transgender male. That means the gender identity is the main identification of Transgender.

If the person feel as male with a female body, then the person is Transgender male and if the person feel as female with male body then the person is Transgender female.

So guy’s hope you understand. Today’s discussion end now. I just want to tell that gender, Transgender is all about science. This is totally normal and natural things. Some people thinks these are the disgusting and abnormal things or mental problem. But no guy’s it’s totally normal and natural.

So, hope you like it. See you in next blog. Thank you.