World Music Day : Do You Know Why World Music Day Is Observe? Read On To Know!

World Music Day : Do You Know Why World Music Day Is Observe? Read On To Know!

Today, the entire world is celebrating and observing World Music Day. Apart from any other days music day is also celebrated and observed on a huge craze level. If you are a music lover what have a passion regarding music, then this day is absolutely for you and dedicated to you. Every year on 21st June, World Music Day is observed globally.

As of the gathered information, World Music Day is also known as The Fête de la Musique in French. On the specific date, every citizen and resident used to play music outside their house in their neighbourhood or in public space area. Even some of the country used to organise specific concerts and programs in order to observe this specific day. Though these specific concerts and programs are usually arranged in order to have a good enjoyment and not for any payment purposes.

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According to the history, the first all-day musical celebration on the day of the summer solstice was actually originated by Jack Lang, then the Minister of Culture of France, and then by the Maurice Fleuret. In the year 1982 was introduced and observed in Paris.

After flourish of the specific day, over 120 countries observed this specific day. As today we are observing World Music Day 2022, so in order to make this day as A remarkable day we are going to share much information regarding it. Read on till the end to gather a maximum number of information regarding it so that it can be helpful for you in the future.

Why do we celebrate world music day?

Music is something which actually help a person get rid of something which he or she was quite tensed or depressed. The entire world is actually a doors’ music which help people to come closer and obviously help in spreading happiness. World Music Day actually uncourageous people to come out of their house to play their instruments, some often used to dance and sing and celebrate this day with full of enjoyment.

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This specific day aims to provide free music globally to that they can enjoy, at the same time they promote peace by the help of music. Every year this day is observed in order to make people understand that music is the thing which can actually heal a person from the inside. These days don’t have any burden regarding the playing of Music as people are free to play music, sing and dance according to their choices. Maximum number of country is observing this day in order to encourage people who are quite depressed.

History Behind Celebrating World Music Day?

Probably in the year 1982, France was the first country to observe World Music Day. An American musician Joel Cohen came up with the concept of celebrating Music Day in the year 1970. As of information he wanted to play Life concert on the evening of 21st June in order to celebrate the start of Summer. He used to work for a French radio station.

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This concept was accepted and observed till 1982. After that, French composer Jack Lang and music journalist Maurice Fleuret joined the Ministry of Culture and has promoted celebrations of music with both amateur and professional musicians. No matter what profession the person is belonging to or a what Heritage he or she is belonging, if a person wish to live with music they are all free to do it. By unfortunately the first Fête de la Musique was established and France created this World Music Day.

According to the history, the first celebration took place in the streets of Paris and it has gained a lot of popularity from the common people. In 1997, the European Party of Music charter, which was actually ratified in Budapest, requested Nation leaving outside of Europe to take part in this celebration of World Music Day.

Theme of Music Day 2022 :

Every year, in order to celebrate, they stay at a theme used to be chosen based upon which the entire celebration used to be created or observed. For this year 2022 World Music Day celebration’s theme is “Music at Intersections.” If a person desiring to celebrate the specific day, they are free to do so.

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At the present time, apart from France, many other countries such as India, Italy, Australia, the United States, Japan, China, and Malaysia all used to celebrate Music Day altogether. There is no burden that only the professional people are going to take part in the event used to set in order to observe these days. All the people belonging from amateur musician groups may take part in the event too.

So in this beautiful celebration we the entire team wish you a very happy world music day. Let us know in the common section what kind of celebration you are going to do tonight in order to observe this special day.

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