How to earn money by selling mobile photography online? Let’s read all the exclusive features in 2021…

Mobile photography

Hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am again with another earning related topic and this is some interesting stuff, selling mobile photography online.

So guys as we all know in this 2021 the second wave covid-19 has came and again the pandemic situation is started.

Many people are seeking for growing their financial condition. So many people lost their jobs or they are looking for more than one job to earn more.

A huge number of people including student, house wife, and more who are looking a extra part time job in this lockdown.

Well especially most of the people are doing that kind of work which they couldn’t do before for lack of time. Like some people start writing, some start singing, dancing, playing instruments, learning foreign languages and many more things.

So guys what will happen if I say you that by some of your hobby or the thing you love to do, you can earn money by this time in online platforms!

Yes we all know that there are so many platforms and medias where you can post and show your talent and make money also.
And here I am to tell you about on of that kind platform where you can post you one talent yes if you have, and that is mobile photography.

Yes, mobile photography is one of the most popular digital talent of people. In social media we can see mobile photography by many people in such a good way. Because this times of period mobile photography is growing so up level and the camera quality of them.are really so good.

Not everyone can buy a DSLR camera or SLR camera, so mobile photography is one of those hobby or passion which is part of life of some photography lover people.


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Look guy’s, there are many online platforms like websites and apps fir selling photographs.

Today I will tell about some trusted application, by which you can earn a handsome price only by selling your mobile photography.

In this work, you will have some assignments like to click nature of outside, any animal, any fruit, any flower or anything. And you have to click and upload them back. If they select your photographs then you will be paid by them.

There are also some application and websites where you can upload photos and then monetize it.

Also you can work with under some trusted company which are not so big but hire mobile photographs, like you can choose a travel company or wild life or nature company or food, or anything you like to do.



Okay so at first, you need to install the following applications on your mobile.

You’ll be given photographic assignments as I said before to you. And you have to complete them and upload back to them.

But also you need to make sure that the pictures you take, look professional in the best possible way.

Foap yes you can earn
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Here’s the list of the applications —





Shutter stock



And many more…

These are only the applications. About the websites I will tell you in another article.

So guys mobile photography is a good talent and if you have this, then my personal opinion will be to try this.

So if you think you are eligible for this work and want to have a experience on selling mobile photography then what are you waiting for?

So guy’s I hope you understand and like this article about mobile photography.
Hope you like it. See you again, Thank you!.