“Natural beauty is the best beauty” – Here is the 5 tips to look Beautiful Naturally


Now its been always said from centuries “Eat healthy, Stay healthy.” Did you ever notice that our mothers and grandmothers have such a beautiful skin and healthy hair by naturally?

It’s because they led such a healthy life style as well healthy diet consuming fresh foods and not having any junk foods. We spend too much time and money just to have that naturally good-looking skin and hair. We just need to change our track from junk foods to the healthy ones with a few efforts.
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So here are 5 ways to have beautiful skin and hair with all by natural means in no time.

1. Target Veggies and Fruits:

Now we are all in the middle of this Pandemic where we supposed to consume lots of vegetables to boost our immune system.

Vegetables like Spinach, Lettuce, Collard, Arugula and many more are rich in vitamins. They are low in calories and fat and high in protein, fiber and other vitamins, especially vitamin A & K which are great for skin and hair. Apart from veggies the citrus fruits like Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit and so on help to boost immunity and also give a glowing tinge to your skin all through the year.

Add in some fresh veggies in your salad with some lemon or grape-fruit juice as dressing and have it in your breakfast or mid-snacks’ times and see the results in no time.

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2. Dive into the world of Nuts:

The secret of healthy hair, skin and good health is Omega-3 and fatty acids. Walnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pecans and many more are all rich in essential proteins and nutrients to our hair and skin. Omega-3 fatty acids reduces the chance of hair loss and premature graying by preventing inflammation in the hair follicles.

It triggers the hair growth by promoting circulation in the scalp. Apart from hair these fatty acids also beneficiary to our skin by improving hydration in a balanced way, regulating oil production and subduing break outs and last but not the least minimizing the signs of aging.

Governments should recommend nuts to pregnant women says study
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So make a routine of taking these nuts daily to improve your skin and hair naturally beautiful.

3. Invest in Exercise:

If only investing some extra time daily in exercise to achieve beautiful skin, toned body then why not? In addition you could also boost up your immunity through this extra little effort. If you are not an early riser and feel so lazy to wake up in the morning and go for a walk then you can do this easily at your own home at any time.

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  • Walk-Talk: We spend too much time in our chit-chats and gossips over phone calls with friends. So why not have the talk with some benefits for our body. Try to avoid talking over phone while sitting or lying like most of the time we do, instead walk and talk of it.
  • DIY Gym: Now it seems like we are living in a world where you can find lots of DIYs around us on whatsoever things. Many of us either don’t have time or money for the gym. So here DIYs come in handy! Grab two water bottles, each 1/1.5 lit, filled it and practice weight lifting with it. It will help to tone your shape . Increase the weight gradually as per your ability.
4. Beauty sleep:

We all know that our phone gets quickly charged if it is shut down. Similarly our body tends to repair itself while we are in our snooze mode. A proper sleep of 7 hours on a daily basis works best to recharge, boost up and repair our body in every way by itself.

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  • The collagen formation gets boosted while our body goes to sleep mode. It is the time when blood flows properly all over our body. This will help you to wake up with having a glowing skin in the morning every morning.
  • Collagen production also prevents the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Puffy eyes and dark circle are the causes of getting less sleeping time at night. Plenty of snooze time prevents this problem.
  • A proper beauty sleep also helps you to have fuller hair by stopping the damages that cause hair loss, breakage and premature greying. Our hair follicles gain the right amount of vitamins, nutrients and blood flow at the time of sleeping.
5. Hydro-boost:

It is said that water is the another name of life. Now its not only a just proverb but it actually is the most important element of our body. Its the only simple but best remedy for our overall appearance and good look.

A well hydration which is minimum 3 liters of water intaking for adults can make all the skin cells hydrated and moisturized. This will help to prevent blemishes, pimples, darkness and wrinkles. By drinking plenty of water you can make your skin clear, soft and glowing naturally.

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Apart from these super 5 ways to look beautiful and boost immunity as well, there are also some holistic ways which are also very helpful in this regard.

  • Avoid the use of cosmetic products which are made with harmful chemicals, just to give an instant glow to the skin by making a long term skin damage.
  • Give some extra time for the skin by choosing the natural ways to enhance our beauty. There are lots of DIY videos for skin and hair related which shows some effective remedies and hacks as well.
  • There are some important and necessary food supplements which will also help to improve our beauty and immunity like fish oils, vitamin C and A, collagen supplements and many more. But you should keep in mind that the consumption of these supplementary foods is in the right amount; not exceeding the requirement level.
  • Last but not the least, try to be less stressed and lead life in a more positive and happy way. A worried life-style makes the appearance weary. The stress less life routine gives the ultimate glow to your skin, make hair shiny and bouncy and boost immunity at its best naturally.
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So try these tips in your home and look beautiful in natural way. If you like our article then please share your thoughts with us.

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