Human Rights: The fight and the cry for basic rights.


The superiority of the Universal Declaration of human rights is the ability of ideas to change the world. It motivates us to continue working to assure all human beings can attain freedom, equality, and dignity.

Human rights were formulated as a notion after the outcome of the Second World War. As the prisoners of the Second World war were persecuted by the countries which seized them. People were brutally tortured and there were no diplomatic arrangements developed for the security and safety of the people who were prisoners of war. There were treaties between countries on factors of the treatment of hostages, but hardly did anyone obeys them. This whole situation gives a surge to the basic human rights of people. The Geneva Convention on Human Rights comprises the rights of humans under the circumstances of war and peace.

Human rights symbolize the profundity of humanity. Recently, human rights have been universally accepted. Previously, there was no law for several nations of the world. The main signatories of this meeting have to ardently adhere to the universal principle of human rights of individual aspects. It is Eleanor Roosevelt who is charged with formulating human rights as a portion of the charter of the United Nations.

Human Rights
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The rights are occasionally not provided to the citizens of the state, which are in unrest. Nations like the Magnolia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and other parts of Africa are recognized for violating the rights of humans. Frequently members of law enforcement and the military take part in human rights violations during conflict or war. Human rights violation contains reasonable these like injustice of subjects and violent things like torture.

Human Rights needs worldwide recognization

Human rights are the fundamental rights that must be bestowed on every single person equally. No matter where you are born and where you are raised every individual on this planet is privileged with certain rights that no one can seize from him/her.  

In the progressive period of the 20th century, where technology and research are booming, creating a new high and touching the milestone contrary, to other aspects there are still some humans who are still struggling to fetch the basic human rights.

In Many parts of the world, certain people are living their lives deprived of their fundamental rights as human beings. There are cases of human rights violation in the form of trafficking, child laboring, and assaults, etc. It happened in and around every part of the world. Their unawareness may lead them to face many distress and suffering which made them realize that their life is equal to the life of speechless animals because if human beings don’t know about their basic rights then on what basis they are going to fight for it.

The unaware and uneducated human beings who are underprivileged from fundamental rights fight and cry for the rights must be initiated by the privileged section of society.

” The best gift one can give to other human beings is imparting knowledge and awareness.”

– Anonymous

A human is born with no supreme power and rights. The rights and powers are vested upon him from the day he understands morality and the principle to speak for his own choices and battle for human rights. Human beings must not suppress each other rights but always lift each other and should speak for their and other rights.

In today’s world, social media also plays a significant role in broadcasting the issues of violating rights. It acts as a weapon to show the world how one human being can be restricted from getting their basic rights as a human being. People are louder and clear their voices to combat the rights of every human being.

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