Do you know how to make Maggie Roll at your home? Then let’s read to know one of the unique recipe in 2021…

Maggie Roll

Hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am again with another recipe article and this time it is one of the unique food and one of my favorite is Maggie Roll.

So guy’s as we all know that in this pandemic situation the people of India and some of outside are totally lockdown themselves in home.
And in this situation people are also seeking for good and healthy lifestyle.

A good food habits can make healthy life always. But all the time we can’t eat healthy food. We want to taste something different.

But in this lockdown we can’t get out from home and buy our favorite food. So as we are stuck at our home and we are looking for tasty foods, then why not we try to make it in our home!

Today I will tell you about one of this kind of recipe which is very unique and tasty, and few of people may now about this.

I also try it at my home and just share my experience with you guys.

So the recipe that I am telling you about that is Maggie Roll. A different and tasty food that can make your mood better. If you are a non vegetarian then yes this would be one of the best supper for you.

So let’s start with all materials and equipment for making Maggie Roll.


Maggie = 4 packet
Flour = quantitatively
Rice bran Oil = quantitatively
Water = quantitatively
Potato = 2 pieces
Onion = 2 pieces
Egg = 2 pieces
Chilli = quantitatively
Salt = quantitatively
Pepper gum = quantitatively
Tomato sauce = quantitatively
Chilli sauce = quantitatively
Soya sauce = 1 spoon.

(If you want to add more vegetables then you can)


The gas oven
The pan
The pliers
The pickaxe
Two spoon
Three big bowl
Two small bowl

Okay guys so all the materials and equipments are ready for making Maggie Roll.
Now let’s go for the main recipe of making the food. All the steps are described briefly please read carefully and don’t miss any one step.



Step. 1

Take the pan onto the gas oven and turn on. Pour some water in it and then add the Maggie in it.
Let it be boiled properly.

Step. 2

After that take some water in a bowl and put in on the oven, and boiled it properly. And the other side in a big bowl, pour the flour quantitatively and add some salt in it.

Step. 3

When the water becomes boil pour it in the flour and mix it very properly. You can add some oil in it.

Step 4

Take all vegetables and wash it with fresh water. Then cut them by the knife very carefully.

Step 5

Take the pan and pour some oil in it, let it be warmed.

Step 6

When the oil has been warmed, put the egg in it and start to fry it.

Step 7

After frying the egg put it into a small bowl. And in the pan add some more oil.

Step 8

After that pour all the vegetables in it and fry it very properly. Add salt and pepper gum also.

Step 9

Add the Maggie After this, and also tge egg and mix it very properly.

Step 10

Then one by one add the all three sauces, tomato, Chilli and soya and mix it very properly.

Step 11

Then your mixed Maggie is ready. Now you have to make your Padatha like a normal way.

Shaped the mixed flour as circle and then add some mixed Maggie in it, roll it properly, and then fry it carefully and properly one by one in the pan.

stuff spring rolls

So guys the recipe of Maggie Roll is e d here. Hope you like it. And do the forget to try Maggie roll at your home.

So thank you for today.