Hydrated routine : 6 Ways to avoid dehydration in Summer :


Everyone in India knows how scorching the summer heat can be thanks to the equilateral location and global warming. In the extreme summer you need to keep yourself hydrated enough throughout the day no matter how busy you are. In this article, we are going to show the ways to atay hydrated in long working days.

The long days of summer can sometimes be great and often sometimes be so difficult to cope up with it. With summer, comes heat waves and extreme weather. So you have to keep in mind that you have to stay hydrated as much as possible. After a long working day or an intense workout routine, all you need to do is drink enough liquid.

When you can say you are dehydrated ? Your body is around 75 per cent of water and dehydration is a stare when your body releases much more water than its intake quantity. Generally we lost most of our body water through sweat, breath, urine and many more ways. We have to maintain the water balance in our body to avoid dehydration. There are several prior symptoms of dehydration right here like – Nausea, Headache, Too much sweat or less sweat, dryness in mouth, thirst etc. When your body is dehydrated it needs much more liquid intake. Our body and thirst mechanism then tells our body when we have to increase our liquid intake.

As a general rule, physicians suggest that a full grown adult should take at least eight glass of water which is supposedly 2 litres a day. But we all are quite busy in our schedule, we often forget to hydrate ourselves frequently. The extreme weather of our demands to keep our body hydrated in a frequent way and replenish our demand of water in body.


1. Begin your days by drinking plenty of water. This is a very good practice specially when you have a busy schedule. When you are asleep, you lose some of water through your exhale, so it is good for your health to restore the same water balance in your body just to maintain the sustainability of water.

2. Consume water before you start an exercise or intense HIIT training. Drink enough water (around 500Ml) 2 hours prior to any physical exercise or regular practice. How much liquid you lose in the process of exercise will be replenish your water intake in your body. This is to only maintain the water balance in your body.

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3. Clothing is one of the important tip for preventing your body from dehydration. Try to wear light coloured clothes because dark coloured clothes absorb much more heat than light coloured clothes absorb. It is always a smart idea to wear a light coloured like white, Cream or off white coloured cloth in a sunny or hot and humid day.

4. Always try to keep a bottle of water with yourself. Wherever you go, whenever in what situation you may face, you should always keep water with you. It’ll work as a visual reminder for you. It will remind you to drink water.


5. You should always try to keep yourself hydrated even when it is not scorching heat outside. It may not look like too hot or humid, or you may not feel thirst or thirsty but in this course you also lose water through your breathing and urine. So try to keep maintaining the water balance even when it is cold.

6. When you are at work, try to drink a glass of water per hour. Supposedly, you have a shift of 7-8 hours at a time, you still have a chance to have 8 glass of water in work. In this way, you can maintain the water ratio in your body.

So, in these ways you can keep yourself hydrated in the scorching best of indian summer. We hope this article helps you to Drink plenty of water to maintain the liquid sustainability in the body. Stay healthy and stay safe.

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