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Helios Flight 522 Airplane is a ghost plane? Find out the history of 115 dead bodies.


Helios fligh 522!, We have witnessed so many wonderful and tragic events in the world that make us think of the difference between truth and falsehood.One such surprise is the Helios Flight 522 aircraft. Many people believe that this plane is a ghost plane!


On the morning of August 14, 2005, Hillius was waiting to pick up his passengers. He was scheduled to leave the island of Cyprus for Athens. And the number of passengers was 115.

We all know that when a plane prepares to fly in the sky, everything is in order. Ah, so it was with the Helios aircraft.

The two pilots of the Helios aircraft had been working at the Helios for five years. They had a lot of flying skills.

The last flight of the Helios aircraft: –

Helios Airways Boeing 737 300 5B DBY PRG 2005 3 31 1
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After everything was fine, Hillias took off at 9 am with 115 passengers. In the blink of an eye, the plane rose to an altitude of 12,000 feet.

But shortly after takeoff, the pilots spotted something that terrified them.

The red signal bell of the Helius aircraft suddenly rang. This bell was a take off configuration morning alarm. This alarm sounds only when the plane is ready to take off.

But the pilots could not understand what to do after hearing the alarm so high in the sky.

They then contacted the aircraft station and spoke to the alarm market. This alarm means the market is not ready to fly.

From this it was understood that one of the parts of the aircraft had been hit a lot. Pilots can’t talk to the station properly because of the alarm market. And after a while the communication becomes disconnected.

The passengers on the plane were all very scared and the flight attendants told them to calm down. But none of the pilots hear anything because of the alarm.

Then slowly there began to be a lack of oxygen inside the aircraft. Passengers take off oxygen masks. The condition of the pilots also continues to deteriorate.

Two jets were sent from the station to search for them, but when they saw the plane, no one could do anything, because no passenger on the plane could see them.

Even then the plane was flying in the sky for 2 more hours. And after a while the plane started to go down. The jets can’t do anything but watch them land.

Helius then crashed into a mountain with the plane.

The real secret of the Helios aircraft: –

Helios 522 1
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Many now think that perhaps 115 passengers died as a result of the plane crash. But not really, they died long ago.

In fact, any aircraft has a button that delivers oxygen to the aircraft and it is in automatic mode. But this button was in manual mode on Helius aircraft.

Which no one in the preparation cabin noticed before the pilot and the plane took off. So all the passengers and pilots died due to lack of oxygen.

But what is the secret of the plane flying in the sky for more than 2 hours?

helios tail

Some people think that one of the passengers on the plane was a man named Andreas Podromou, who dreamed of becoming a pilot and was also studying.

He survived without oxygen for a long time due to his experience of diving under water for a long time.

Some people at the airport said there was a time when they heard Andreas’s voice for a while.

This was the real mystery of the Helios aircraft. Many say that the soul of Andreas or that plane flew for a long time.

Otherwise, is it possible to survive so long without oxygen? What do you think?