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What is Infertility?? What are its causes and treatments?? Let’s find out 3 informative reasons behind this serious problem!!


Generally, infertility is interpreted as the inability to carry a perfect pregnancy or conceive to term 12 months of attempting to conceive and 6 months of trying to get pregnancy in the case of the women whose age is over 35. Those cases are also diagnosed as an infertility where the women can get pregnancy but cannot carry their fertilization to term.


Those women are treated with the primary infertility who are unable to get pregnant at least one time and on the other hand those women who had managed at least a successful pregnancy are recognized with secondary infertility. However, infertility is not only the problem of the women, it often can happen with the men also.

Actually, there is the equal possibility of men and women of having fertility problems. As per the report of the “Office on Women’s Health” that in approximately one third of the infertility cases, female infertility are diagnosed, on the other hand, in the other one third of the infertility cases, males are accounted. The rest of the cases can be happened by the combination of female infertility and male infertility.


Infertility can happen due to various kinds of internal problems of males and females.

Male infertility

The male infertility happens when the men have one of the following problems-

  • Effective sperm production
  • Less sperm counts
  • Structure of sperm
  • Movement of sperm (wiggling motion of sperm as well as transportation of the sperm between the “male reproductive system” tubes.
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These all problems can happen in the male body due to their older age, their regular smoking habit, intake of alcohol in a heavy amount, being obese or overweight, subjection to toxins like herbicides, Pesticides. Apart from that some medical conditions such as “varicocele” and “retrograde ejaculation” also can be reason behind the male infertility.

Female infertility

Similarly, the female infertility also can happen if the female body have been suffering any of the following issues-

  • Ovulation problems
  • Fertilization problems
  • Implantation problems  
Female Infertility

These female infertility problems can occur in the female body due to their inducing age, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol heavily on a regular basis, their underweight and overweight problems. Besides that, some major diseases like “polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)”, “pelvic inflammation disease (PID)”, “premature ovarian failure” also can be responsible of the female infertility.

Except of all that some medications or drugs are accounted responsible for the male and female infertility such as chemotherapy, regular intake of high dosage “nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)” such as aspirin, dangerous drugs like marijuana and cocaine and long-time inhalation of any antipsychotic medications.


When the infertility problems arise within a couple then they can undergo the specific infertility treatments because there arise the high chances to get pregnant by these types of treatments.


Male infertility treatments

The male infertility problems can be cured by various kinds of treatments such as medication and surgery.

The issues of the sperm being present in ejaculate can be solved by the Surgery. The surgery can also fix the problems of varicocele. On the other hand, the medications can treat issues of the hormonal imbalance problems of the male as well as the problems of ED which affects the count of the sperm.

Female infertility treatments

The female infertility problems also can be treated by surgery and medication. The ovulation problem can be solved by the help of the surgery, whereas, the medication can assist the women in solving of their fertilization and implantation related problems.

Apart from these all the “assisted reproduction technology (ART)” also help the couples to win over their infertility problems. ART includes IUI and IVF processes which are used to mix the couple sperm and egg by some external laboratory procedure. resizeimage 5

Lastly, it is clarified that nowadays, infertility problems are not a very complicated matter and can easily solve by the treatments.