Mobile Phones can affect your health : Here are 5 risks associated with the usage of Mobile Phones !


Nowadays, we can’t think of a life without a mobile phone. It is handy, portable, and the whole world fits into it. In our modern busy schedule, mobile phones have played a very integral role in the field of telecommunication.

Billions of people in the world use mobile phones, some of then eventually developes some adverse effects on health. The long-term usage of mobile phone can seriously harm your physical and mental health. In this article, we will try to find out the ways your mobile phone can harm your physical and mental health.

1. Straining Your Eyes :

When you are spending two or more hours, by continuously staring at the screen of your electronic device ( Be it your mobile or your computer screen) you are risking your eyes. The blue light’s wavelength which your mobile phone gives off, is extremely bad for your eyes. Your cornea may be damaged or you may have an blurred vision.

When you stare at your screen without blinking, your eyes become dry and that can cause blurred vision or a severe headache. If left untreated, it can become a serious optic issue. You may not be able to see or read any printed page from distance. To avoid this condition, try to use an anti-glare screen. Make sure you take enough breaks to rest your eyes.

2. Depression :

Psychologists have studied that frequent usage of social media can lead to a serious mental issue ― such as depression. When you are looking at someone’s photo who is happy and healthy, you can feel an unhealthy comparison and your self-esteem may be felt decreased. Sometimes it may cause stress ( Stress of missing a text or notification ) To get rid of this situation, you may use the digital wellbeing option on your device track your screen usage and maintain to use your phone less.

3. Gaining Weights :

Your mobile phone can actually make you more fatty and idle. With your mobile in your hand, you can order any food at any time at any place of your convenience. The more junk food you consume, more weight you gain. It is totally unhealthy for your health. Plus, many people have a habit of scrolling their mobile screen till late night. It not only messes with your health but also affects your mental and physical health. And when your health goes down, your sleep schedule collapses, resulting obesity and unhealthy fat.

4. Text Neck Syndrome :

If you stare at your mobile screen gor too much time, it can affect your neck muscles, you can eventually feel sore tightness in your neck. Even you can have a severe nervous pain that flows towards the shoulder and both arms. To check your posture, take a break every 20 minutes. It can gradually improve your posture including your sitting pose and will not harm your neck muscles much. Try to hold your device up, so that you don’t have to look down for hours. Try changing your posture time to time. Exercising yoga can help in this situation.

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5. Affects Sleep :

Opthalmologists will say, your mobile phone can affect your sleep schedule, if you use your device for too long in your bedroom. The screen light coming from your mobile screen can affect your health greatly, by reducing the melatonin secretion, which controls your sleep cycle. Whenever your body starts producing lower amount of melatonin, you feel insomniac and tiredness during the whole daytime, when you are in work.

Checking your phone relentlessly at night can make you insecure psychologically. You need to calm your mind down when you are in a state of sleeping. Your mind becomes active when you scroll down through social media. That can cause tidiness and can really affects your sleep schedule. Try to sleep in a device free room where no electronic device can distract you from getting a sound sleep.

That’s all the health risks associated with your mobile phone. On behalf of unveil, we wish your good health. If you like the content, please leave us a comment.

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