You will never find Sikhs begging, Why?”A spiritual Guru Gurbani confirmed that Never beg from others.” Read 3 principles and reasons behind it !!


Sikhs never beg. You may be wondering, why? Even I didn’t find any sikh with turban begging for money. Why? What makes them different? Let us understand the real truth behind it. It is simply linked with the teachings of Gurbani.


Sikh means disciple or student. Sikhism is a religion and philosophy founded by Guru Nanak ji in 15th century. Sikhism rise in the Punjab region of Indian subcontinent. Followers of Sikhism go after the teachings of holy Adi Granth:- Guru Granth Sahib. The people of sikh community believes in Sewa, which means to serve people.


Gurbani confirms, “Beg from the One Lord, the Great Giver, and you shall obtain your heart’s desires. But if you beg from another, then you shall be shamed and destroyed

People of sikh community believes to make all beings thrive in good way. They help each other. Organizing Langar for all the people is best way to explain the humanity behind. Sikhs never even think before serving and offering food to strangers.



For a true sikh, who walks on the path of righteousness (Dharam) is not allowed to wander and beg from others. They believed that people should only ask and beg in front of Almighty God. If any sikh is seen as beggar (due to life compulsion) by another sikh, then he will never offer him money. Instead discard him out of community or help him in a better way to bring him up so as to follow the Dharam.

Not only sikhs but all other religions like sindhi, shetty, jains also help the community but their way may not be same Or good enough. The affluent people of these communities try to help the not so fortunate and bring them up. This nature of bringing up the low people of community above can also make our nation beggar free.

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The khalsa says – A Sikh must live on honest labour and give generously to the poor and the needy thinking all the time that whatever he gives is given to the Guru.

It’s not like that people of another communities don’t help others. They do so but in different way. Offering money to beggars will never help them. If they have two hands, two eyes, two legs and normal body, then they are able to work and get earnings.

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In many societies, money is a matter of pride. Donating money is not just the way to help the needy. Food, clothes and shelter are also a way to help others, as these are basic requirement for all beings. In the name of Humanity people offer money, Who knows, how and where that money is utilized. Many illegal things are also being played background.

If we really want a beggar free society, then the actual need of beggars should be fulfilled. They want a source of earning. We can offer a small job for them anywhere as a worker. This will make them independent as well as the greed behind begging will also be retarded. Donation of money make beggars more greedy and addicted towards begging. Society must help them in different way to achieve there living.

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Three principles by Sikh Guru- Guru Nanak Dev ji

Sikhism bring the Sense of Equality, equality in nation. Langar offer food to all without any discrimination of cast, color, creed, religion and culture. They treat all as human beings. Sikh people follows 3 principles taught by Guru Nanak Ji to all mankind. This 3 principles are:-

  • Kirat karo :- This means to work hard and earn an honest earning as per your demands. Even if you are poor, you have same hands as others, work in a direction to gain livelihood, do good deeds and never beg.
  • Naam Japo :- It means to chant and meditate the Almighty God.
  • Vand Chakko :- This means to share your earnings with those who are need. Help others in a positive way.
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This is the major reason why Sikhs never beg. They are religiously motivated and on the path of righteousness. These People focus on earning livelihood with their hard work. Hard work is the only way to achieve what you ever thought for.

Along with them, other societies can also bring a positive change into nation. We Must have concern for others, as we are same creature. No one is big or small. The only way to help others is to motivate them, for working hard and also bring them up positively. Money can fulfill desires but not the lust.