Latest technology “Cloud Computing “:- Beginners guide for understanding concepts of cloud computing!!

Cloud computing

There is a very well known name in the software world nowadays and that is cloud computing. But the cloud here has nothing to do with the clouds. Let’s see what is cloud computing ?

We know the importance of cloud computing, we must first know what cloud computing is. How can I use it?

The easiest way to understand cloud computing is to store and access all the data through the Internet.

Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing system where servers store all data and application.

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Cloud computing

There are 4 types of cloud computing based on the users:-

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Community cloud

A special advantage of http://cloud computing is that we don’t have to buy our own hardware, and in most cases we don’t even have to maintain it. Instead, the cloud service provider does the work for a fee.

Cloud computing

Through cloud http://cloud computing, an individual or organization can take resources from others, such as virtual machines, storage, or any other service. For this, there is no need for the individual or organization to build the entire infrastructure separately. For example, you need a high performance computer for a few days.

It always has no work. For a few days now, I have not even bought a computer with such a configuration. The music will be more than the rent. Then through cloud computing you will be able to use the machine you need virtually for any number of days you need from any cloud company. This will save you a lot of extra costs as well as the company has no loss by renting you a resource for a few days.

Why is cloud computing necessary?

The following chart represent that how cloud computing is important.

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Advantages of using cloud computing:-

1.Cloud services can be availed from any place at any time through low cost internet.

2. http://2.Cloud computing is a much more reliable and secure system.

3.Information stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere at any time and there is no need to know how information is processed or stored.

4.The operating costs of the company are relatively low.


1. If you keep your information in the cloud, that information is likely to be breached. Is there a guarantee that the person you are handing over your valuable information to will not research your information?

2. Data can be corrupted in an instant,

3. There may not be adequate security.

4. Possibility of leaking information.

Some of the popular applications and services of cloud computing:-

  • Outright
  • Google apps
  • Evernote
  • QuickBooks
  • Toggl
  • Skype
  • Dropbox

The future of the cloud:-

Cloud experts say a lot about the future of cloud computing.

We already know about the compounding blessing of technology ‘cloud computing’. In addition, we need to know about the future of the cloud, which has changed the way we do business and the entire Internet system. Google itself is letting everyone know the future of the cloud.

According to Google, global investment in cloud computing will be around 228 billion in 2020, up from 160 billion in 2016. In addition, by 2024, most entrepreneurs and organizations will be fully integrated with the cloud.

“Traditional data services and traditional technology services will be abolished. We will forget about building data centers for our own company, buying equipment or installing various software. All these will fall into one ecosystem and this ecosystem will be controlled by the cloud. ”

Here some examples of cloud computing:-

  1. Nerds support cloud
  2. Salesforce
  3. Zoom
  4. IBM
  5. Amazon web services
  6. Creatio
  7. Slack
  8. Google cloud
  9. Microsoft 365
  10. Microsoft power BI
  11. Adobe creative cloud
  12. Box.

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