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Every morning when you grab the newspaper with a cup of tea you can find at least one news of rape or domestic violence on women or molestation. When don’t we heard about women, facing sexual harassment, getting attacked by strangers, getting raped, getting tortured by their loved one? Sadly these things have become quite natural in our country. So it is high time every women should learn self defense to protect themselves, instead of labeling these tortures as “normal”.

The right of self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred, and alike necessary to nations and to individuals.

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The first and most important reason for a woman to learn self defense is to protect herself, protect herself from any kind of attack which is unacceptable in the terms of law. They no longer have to fear about any kind of harassments, or no longer need someone to protect them all time. They will be able to do this for themselves.

● Empowerment

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It empowers them, gives them the meaning to lead a healthy and fulfill life. Encourage them that they can fight any sort of danger by themselves.

● Confident

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Knowing self defense makes them more confident about themselves. There is nothing more strong than having the confidence to defeat any danger.

● Discipline

It teaches women control and discipline which effects on other parts of their life too. It helps them to control their mind and body. Teaches them to be understanding, calm, compassionate.

● More independence

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A woman do not have to keep a companion with her while traveling to protect herself. This the benefit self defense gives a woman. It makes women more independent helping them defend their problems by themselves.

● Reduce sexism

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Violence against women would be checked or investigated in a significant way when women are empowered and will fight back against any kind of discrimination or sexism.


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It is also a way to gain physical fitness. The much one will practice, she will be strong and fit both physically and mentally.


In this case one have to remember the attackable and weak spots, which can make the attacker a bit weak. No matter sow strong or they are, hitting on these spots will make them weak. Those are- NOSE, EARS, EYES, THROAT, GROIN.

1. Kick the groin

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Hitting on the groin can be a fight ender. Stand firmly in front of the attacker. Place the leg with which you will attack, behind you. Then with all the power and speed kick your leg straight out to the groins. If the attacker is closer, you can use you knee to hit his groins.

2. Heel palm strike

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This defense move can damage attackers nose and throat. To perform it you have to go in front of the attacker as much as possible. Aim for attackers nose or jaw, jabbing them upward. Pull your hand back quickly after the move. This will cause much damage to the person and you will get time to escape.

3. Elbow strike

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If the attacker in close to you and can not get the momentum to punch on his face, in that case you can use your elbow. Bend your arm at the elbow, move your weight forward and then strike your elbow to his chin, jawline or neck. It will make the attacker to loose their grip and you can run from there.

4. Ear slap

First of all try to distract the attacker by asking questions like- “who are you?” or “what do you want”. Open your palms and then in a swift mode and then cup your hand and slam them on the attackers eras. A perfectly done ear slap can knock out the person.


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  • • In case you do not know to defeat, keep protections with you, like- pepper spray, safety alarm device etc.
  • • Check before opening door. Use keyhole or window to see before you allow some dangerous people
  • • Know your local helpline number. In any emergency situation call the police.