Unemployment became a serious issue in India!!!


To overcome the problem, unemployment had certain causes with solutions.

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Unemployment occurs when the person actively searching for employment, is unable to find work. It can be measure of the health of the economy of the particular country. The most frequent measure of unemployment is the unemployment rate, the number can be divided among the people in the labour force. It is the key indicators of the country’s economy. It signals the ability of the works on the efficiency as well as the productive output of the country.

This means an economy with high unemployment has lower output without the production based. This means the unemployment has lower output without a proportional decline in the needs of basic consumption.

The unemployment has various cause,are as follows:

Large population: Population became a seviour problem of our country. Where India became a second largest populated country after China, where they tried to controlled but the population of our country is 136.64 Cr ( according to 2019 report).

As the problem of population is a big problem in our country’s economy, if day by day population will increase then automatically the unemployed workers will increase. As the country’s economic growth, this leads to a larger share of unemployed in society.

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Slow industrial growth:If the government have the initiative to develop the country. The established the industry the process of industrial growth is required through nationwide to destroy the unemployment. The results is that for a considerable workers lack needed employment and income; more stable income is required to fulfill the basic necessity.

Due to lack of industry the productive output will decrease then automatically the income of the organisation will also decrease as well as per capita income will decrease, the income and per capita income is proportionate with each other.

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Lack of vocational skills: In the education system of the country, the vocational training is very important as many organisations had production unit to produce the goods and Community where, if the employs have lack of knowledge to control the machines then the output will be decreased then the organisation will sack the employs due to the lower efficiency knowledge and skills.

As this next generation of children being to reach adulthood, the push to get a four year college degree is seems as the only solution to achieve the goal.

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Loss of small-scale or cottage industries: Industrial development is a very essential part for the growth of economy of a country. Small and cottage industries considering less economically attractive, as they do not offer the economic of scale generated in large scale mass production of goods and Commodities.

On the mean time the desire of the commodities that are being produce of handicrafts by those having specific skills and experience. The results is that the small and cottage industries well being significantly declined, as a results they were becoming unemployed.

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Shortage of means of production: Each an every factors of production is required in production process it is a simple in nature, the amount of materials, equipment and energy available in fule in a limited quantity. If the availablity of raw material is low then simaltiously the output will also be decreased, which logically results decreased, which locally results decrease of production means decrease availability of job.

Several points to overcome the unemployment:

Change in industrial techniques: The technique of each and every production unit must be change, if the technique will change then simaltiously the output will increase. It is essential that labour intensive technology should be encouraged in the place of capital intensive technology where the income will increase. New technological advances in manufacturing that helps to better meet consumer demand. The manufacturing units will became incredibly more efficient.

Change in education system: our country education system must be completely changed and they should get proper training to increase their efficiency to perform the tasks in the organisation they must be encourage and introduction of different techniques and opportunities for then and as well for next generation qualified one should start their own start up by using more techniques.

Expansion of employment exchanges: More employment exchanges should be established to creating the more employment generation and from that the eligible one should get the opportunities. Apart from these the sufficient information must be provided to the people regarding the job opportunities from the portal of exchanges.

Increase in production: As in the nation if the number of industries will increase then only the number of output will increase. To increase employment, it is energized to increase productivity in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Development of small and cottage industries should be encouraged and from that the income will increase by selling the products of commodities in the market. From that the small and cottage industries will develop.

Population control: To diminish the rate of unemployment the population control is very much required to built up the nation. If the population in control,then employment generation will increase in an efficient manner. Family planning should be implemented widely and efficiently.

As, the unemployment is became seviour from in our country, to reduce the unemployed the government must take certain initiative to reduced it to built up the country for an upcoming generation.

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