The Planet is Ageing: 3 exclusive pointers that everyone must do to protect Mother Earth.

the plant is ageing

The world is changing extremely rapidly. The constant emission of greenhouse gas due to the forwarding system of this world has started affecting nature and thus causing a huge imbalance. The list of extinct species is shooting up every single day as if we humans have forgotten to share our home with others.

We only care about ourselves and think about things that might benefit our living or just make it easy for us. To us, it does not matter what other species are lost until it starts bothering our daily chores. This is the right time when we should pay attention to our mother Earth crying for help. Every one of us can contribute to improving the overall quality of the planet.

In this article, I will discuss certain things that everybody can do to help rejuvenate the planet. The following ideas won’t require a lot of money or time. All it needs is just a bit of your effort and some affection.


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source: medium.

Instead of spendings tons of money on buying expensive and fancy decor, opt for indoor plants. The option is quite reasonable as it requires less or no money at all. The plants will not only make the interior of our house look ultra-modern but it will also improve the quality of air around that place, oxygen levels will increase boosting energy levels and encouraging a more positive outlook towards life.

Having a couple of extra plants will surely not change the entire scenario of today’s world but it is a small step towards that. With time when more and more houses adopt this then, of course, the number of plants in the world will increase and a world with more plants is better than a world with no plants.



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Source: Greenpeace.

Single-use plastic creates 300 million tons of waste every year. The pollutants are either dumped in the landfill or they end up in the ocean choking the sea beings. This unnecessary use of plastic is continuously causing a huge disparity. More than 30,000 animals die every month due to something so petty.

Well after trying for a month I realis3ed that it is rather back-breaking to live a zero-waste life. So I came up with certain innovative ideas to reduce waste. The first and foremost thing to do is to carry your own cotton reusable bags while grocery shopping or while shopping for anything else. If you have forgotten to carry your own bag ask for a paper bag to avoid plastic.


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A car emits so many toxins that it can literary cause a heart attack if one continuously inhales that for some time. Now imagine the number of toxins produced by a billion cars. Cars are one of the largest contributors to air pollution. This is causing huge deterioration in the quality of lungs in human beings that is ultimately causing a cosmic amount of deaths every year. The constant release of noxious gas has already damaged the ozone layer resulting in the melting of the poles.

So, I think it is right to say that our solace will one day kill us all. This got me thinking about how can I contribute to reducing air pollution. But we also need to travel to other places so moving has to be done so it should be done in a more sustainable way. One of which is carpool. A carpool carries a minimum of 15 people. So. it is very evident to say that the pollution caused by one car is way less than that caused by 15 cars.

The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved. – Richard Rogers