What is Binary and Non-Binary gender? Are Transgender persons Binary or Non-binary? Let’s clear all the confusion here in just 5 minutes…


Hey guys what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am again with another topic related to Gender dysphoria and this it is about Binary and non-binary gender topic.

So guys we all are known to these words, Binary and non-binary but not know what is the meaning of this. Don’t worry! I am here to clear all the doubt and wrong thoughts from your mind and describe the main things in easy words.

Well, in my previous article I write about Transgender people and what is gender dysphoria. So many of you asked me that what is the factor of vinary and non-binary. Is this a part of LGBTQ? Or is it a gender dysphoria issue? Or many thing else.

So guys at first I should tell that Binary and Non-binary are the types of gender. Yes, I have already written an article about the difference between sex and gender, if you didn’t read it then click the link in below and read it first. Then come back to this article.


Okay! So binary and non-binary are basically the types of gender. Just like male and female. Transgender, gender fluid, lesbian, gay, etc are the parts of binary and non-binary.

So let’s know about the Binary at first.


Look guys Binary people defination is not a big deal like non-binary.
Basically a person with same gender identity as their sex organ, is a Binary people and who has a fixed gender identity.
Like a biologically male person think himself as a male by psychologically, then the person is binary people. This is as simple as that.

And also if a male person think himself as completely female then he is also a binary person. Because he has a fixed gender identity. He can preferred himself as “she”

Now let’s come to the non-binary…


See, non-binary means basically the person who has not a fixed gender identity. Basically this type of person are Queer or gender fluid person.

They don’t think themselves as female or male. They don’t have the fixed sexual orientation also. These people are basically called as non-binary people.

Now let’s come to our main topic that is the Transgender person.


Look guys this is very confusing and debating question for the gender researcher. Because these things are depends on humans. They are different. These thing are changing day by day and because of the different kind of people.

I can tell you just a logic from my side that I think Transgender persons are binary.
Because they have a fixed gender identity.

If I give an example of a person who is biologically a female but psychologically a male and gives her identity as a male person, then she is a binary person. She has a fixed gender identity that is male. So they are not non-binary. They know themselves and they have a fixed sexual orientation also.

And most importantly when they change themselves by surgically then they become transsexual so that’s how their sex and gender both become same and they can’t be nom-binary anymore.

Now come to another point of this. Some Transgender people have different sexual orientation. I give you an example.

A Transgender male person that means who are biologically a female and psychologically male has changed herself into a male by surgery. But then he has gone to relation with a gay person means a homosexual man.

So this type of people are may be non-binary. I know it’s quite confusing and disturbing but still this is reality. According to mr this type of person are may be non-binary. They don’t have a fixed gender identity.

Well guys todays discussion and topic is over till now. I will come again with another interesting topic in another article.

Till then bye. Thank you…