Do you hear about ‘human zoo’ in India?? No! Then Let me tell you a story


There are no people in the world who don’t love to travel. But, sometimes we have an issue with travel to some places. Some places are looking pleasant and beautiful from the outside. But we don’t have the authority and permission to visit that place. If anytime any day by chance people visit that place, it’s very difficult to survive. Yes, we are talking about World one of the dangerous islands, North Sentinel Island, a place also known as ‘human zoo’.

why this island is banned by the Government? Who lives inside this Island? Why its called ‘human zoo’?
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Where is Sentinel Island: 

North Sentinel Island is located 40 km off the Bay of Bengal off the Andaman coast of India. The area of this island is approx 59.65 square kilometers. The island is so beautiful to look at from the outside, it can’t be explained how dangerous the inside is. This island is a prohibited island by the Indian government. If a person enters by mistake, he cannot survive because the people here do not like an outsider.

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Who Found This Island:

13th century Marco Polo is thought to have discovered the island, and he said the people there, were very aggressive. 17th century According to the East India Company, they noticed some movement while passing by the island. In the 1880s the British government in India decided that the Sentinel people would be brought into the mainstream. Leading it Portman ran an expedition and brought in 6 Sentinels, including four children, a man, and a woman. But gradually both men and women die for not being able to continue normally. Then the British government will know that their immunity is not working properly. They again left the four children on the island.

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Strength & living style of Primitive people:

The primitive people of this island are completely different from the outside world. They do not like to go out or let any outsider enter their area. Primitive people have been living on this island for more than 60,000 years. Sentinels completely separated from the modern world. They are known to survive by shooting arrows and hunting animals, catching fish, and they are known to shoot arrows of fire. They are so violently attacked that they do not take the slightest time to take the life of a human being.

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Some Facts about MAN EATERS:

In the year 1896, a prisoner escaped from an Andaman prison and landed on the island. The primitive people of the island saw him and dismembered his body with arrows and fireballs.

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In 1974, a National Geographic team arrived in front of the island with some police force to make a documentary on the island. Crew team bringing food, coconuts, dolls, gifts, and more for the people. Then, as soon as the tribesmen saw them in front of their shores, they started firing arrows and arrows at them. An arrow hits the crew captain and the captain and his team return injured.

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The Panamanian fighter ship primrose of 1981 came close to the island and broke down. It was a warship, and as soon as the ship was spotted, the people of the island began to shoot arrows at the ship. But when they saw that their arrows had not reached the ship, they gathered wood and began to build boats. It is learned that the captains and sailors of the ship were called for immediate help from the government, and they were rescued by helicopter.

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Also, two foreigners illegally book a boat from Port Blair and come to the island to meet with the locals, but the locals kill each of them as soon as the boat arrives at the beach.

We all know the Andaman-Nicobar Islands were hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2004. Lots of people died and the water level rose so high that these Sentinel people dealt with this catastrophe so badly. After the tsunami and the earthquake, the Indian government thought of those people, and the Indian government sent an Air Force helicopter to survey the area, but the islanders started firing arrows and shells at the sight of the helicopter.

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In 2006 Two fishermen go out fishing and fall into the mountains of the island in front of a terrible tidal wave, and they had to stay there at night when the people of Sentinel Island found the two fishermen in the dark of night and killed them.

In 2018, an American man John Allen Chau arrives at the island to teach the people a lesson in non-violence and religion, and the tribe’s locals kill him and throw him into the sea.

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Friendship with Sentinelese?

In 1967 Mr, Trilok Nath Pandit the Indian Anthropologist, and his team first-time land on the Island and find some empty hut, they give candy, food, clothes in front of the gate, and collect some items from the island for their study. After 20 years 1991 Mr. Pandit & his team successfully makes an encounter with the tribes. They throw coconuts from the boat and tribe peoples collect those things

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After that government has decided to stop studying the expedition because they might bring modern germs for Sentinelese.

The Indian government has tried to establish relations with them many times, but they have not accepted it so the Indian government has announced to let them go. It is estimated that there maybe 50 to 200 indigenous people on the island. Some time ago there was an attempt to see their way of life with drones. They basically live together and have their own language which is completely different very hard to understand from others.

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So even after major disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes, when they have settled together and Seeing their patience and strength, the Indian government has declared that going to them is completely illegal and against the law, the Indian government has said it will not mediate between the people and has been completely banned from two to three kilometers of the island.

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