‘Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation’ …How to become a perfect leader ?


Being a social leader is first of all, acknowledging that there is a team of people responsible for the creation and implementation of all decisions and ideas. Speaking as a leader in turns of “I” needs to replaced with “We”.

But being a leader is more than just knowing there is a team, it is knowing how to cultivate trust, case and respect with in the team. These values within the team will allow all the member to share views, ideas and opinion from which everyone has more of stake in leading the organization.
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Public expectations of the elected member role, public expectation of elected members considerable. The public tends of wants on elected member who is visible, accessible and accountable among the people of the locality as the elected member were being elected by the common people of locality.

Acts, on local views, where the elected member show hear the problem of the people of locality. Lives locally, understand the local community and stand up for it. The leader must be pro-active, listen and is available to local people, talk to them and gets to know the people of the locality.

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The ward level role, as an elected member, should placed an achieve lead locally because he/she have been democratically elected to represent the interest of the community. This will involve to built relationship with an individuals and group with in the ward and information, consulting about drainage and swage system police and health service, proper electricity and other development vision to achieve it.

Understanding your ward,many elected members will have lived in their ward area for a number of years, nevertheless they are unlikely to know all of the communities or all of their issues and problems. The people who came your surgeries and who bring a casework will tell you quite a lot about the area.

But you will need to find other ways of getting to know your word if the leader have been elected for the first time. It is likely that one or more elected members in any ward will therefore already have a good understanding of the main issues in the ward as well as contact with key groups and individuals.

The leaders need to build up own directory of names, phone number and e-mail address for key people from a range of local organizations that are relevant to any word such as community and residents’ associations, school and playgrounds, neighborhood watch, leisure sports groups etc. This will enable to introduce the leader and arrange meetings with other involved in the country.

Casework, it is very essential for each and every elected leaders. If the leaders finds that casework is not necessary then the leader must be explore whether it is because a leader is represent a very self-sufficient community or because the leader’s profile is too low with high level of deprivation members of the public may be less aware of the role elected members and more work may be needed to engage with them.

Most constituents are lively be unaware of many issues, the people can help the leader to resolve, and it will be up to the leader to let them know how the leader can help them.

Communication,the leaders needs to develop effective relationship with key stakeholders in every ward to ensure that the leader learn about local issues and problems when they first arise. The people will soon find out that our elected members are often the first people to hear about issues impacting on every ward and people should not assure that others already know about them.

Achieving effective communications with constituents and fellow citizens of locality, in the media, via social media, at public meetings or in private discussion has a direct impact on the public image, reputation and the overall perception of an elected member. Crucially, communication has to be two-way. The leader have to listen the problems, engage with them and do everything possible the understand the views of the wider community.

Social media, it became an important part of everyday communication and many elected members use platform like Facebook, twitter and you tube to interact and communicate with residents. Quick, simple and direct, social media allows the leader to circulate information, explains views and receive feedback and input from constitute.

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Local campaigns, this could involve anything from campaigning for speed bumps to be installed outside a primary school to campaign for more affordable housing to politically motivated campaigns. The leader should not feel under obligation to lead any such campaign and you may find that after improvement will be as a participant and supporters.

Dealing with complaints, it provide valuable feedback from the citizens, the service received and can provide opportunities for improvement within the council. Furthermore, they often provide an early warning of more fundamental problems in services, design and delivery.

As an elected member the public can ask the leader to make a complaints or to make a complaint on their behalf, so it’s important for you to understand the complainant procedure at the council and when it appropriate to file a complaint.

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As, to being a successful leader they have to work for the fellow citizens to built up the locality. If any complaint is there then the leader have to take responsibility to resolve the problem, then only the fellow citizens will choose as their representative in the house.

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