List of 4 things which are not eco friendly in nature!

List of 4 things which are not eco friendly in nature!

In our day to day life we use to use some basic things which may not be eco friendly in nature.

Most of us are unaware about this, it has been told to us that we should use eco friendly things,

so that it doesn’t affect our environment.

We used to see some of the ads which shows us what kind of product we are using.

They clearly define that we are using a product which is totally eco friendly.

Not only that they also used to mention that all the products,

they are launching in the market or selling in the market is not harming the environment in any way.

But to be honest, may be our intentions to protect our environment but at the end of the day we are harming the environment.

You might think that how it can be possible! But to be honest it is possible.

We may not do this intentionally but we are doing it regularly by using some things which are definitely harming our environment.

In our day to day life we are using some products which are harming the environment.
So today I’m going to share some of the things which are told to be eco friendly but actually they are not.

1. Electric cars which are not eco friendly :

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Electric cars are going to be the future of every vehicles.

As because it does not causes of air pollution like fuel based car does.

But they use to store their energy in the large batteries. That are having high environmental costs.

Which are usually making the manufacturing process of an electric car less eco-friendly than a fuel based car.

As because it starts generating more carbon emissions.

Mainly the batteries of these cars are made up of rare earth elements (REE) like lithium, nickel, cobalt or graphite.

Also, the energy produced by the batteries is mostly responsible for environmental impact

2. Tea bags :

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We all know that tea bag is the the most common beverage in our country and most part of the world.

But if any of the person uses tea bags for daily refreshment they are harming the environment.

Most of us doesn’t know that tea bags are seasled with plastic.

For example if you use 6 billion of tea cups every year then it will accumulates to 150 tonnes of polypropylene which is a lot.

These amount of plastics are generally contaminating food waste compost collections or they’re simply going to landfill.

Most of the brands are trying their best to get sustainable alternatives to these tea bags.

But till date no such thing is discovered.

3. Adhesive Tape :

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Generally a tape is used for packaging work we do in our day-to day live.
But do you know this small piece of tape can be harmful?

And it is also harming the environment more than our thinking capability.

Adhesive tapes are tiny scraps, which are made with synthetic resins and plastic films that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

No only that when the tape and sticky residue are left on cardboard boxes, they interfere with the recycling process.

Fortunately some types of tapes such as masking tape and cellophane are compostable.

So one can definitely use them to reduce their carbon footprint.

4. Toothpaste and Microbeads :

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In the market there are thousands of toothpaste available which promise you to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

But are they eco friendly? Are they really not harming the environment?

Actually some of them are not eco friendly at all. And some are harming the environment also.

Mainly some of the toothpastes are have small microbeads that are used to clean your teeth more swiftly.

They all are made tiny bits of plastic too small for most water treatment plans to filter out.

So the end of the result is that when they end up in rivers and oceans there they starts to look like fish eggs and get eaten by aquatic animals.

They also soak up toxic pesticides and metals.

Also these microbeads are prevalent in some soaps which are banned in some countries.

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