Do you live 33 years by eating soap as food? People will be surprised to hear some strange food!


There are many of us who have something different in our daily diet that should not be eaten regularly.

Well have you ever heard of a man eating only noodles for four long years? Or suppose someone who has lived on milk for 25 long years?

These are still acceptable, because they are usually human food. But if I say that, a man has been eating only soap for 33 years? Or has a person been eating leaves and twigs for 25 years?

Surprisingly, this is true! So let’s take a look at the 3 ingredients of food in the neighborhood today that may make you want to eat.

1) This person only ate noodles as food for 4 years: –

1200px Mama instant noodle block

Well many of us love to eat noodles; But is it possible to survive by eating only noodles for years?

However, this person has only spent 4 years making noodles.
In 2016, a student of Taiwanese University had a habit of studying at night.

Many of us have the habit of studying at night. And for that many of us eat a lot at night. Coffee, tea, all this goes on.

But this student did not eat anything all day. I used to eat instar noodles only while studying at night. And eating these noodles once became a habit that he only ate.

And after eating noodles for 4 years in this way, after a while, one day that student’s stomach started to hurt a lot.

The doctor then saw her and told her that she had cancer in her stomach. And the man died a few days later.

Although after some time it was heard that this news was fake! However, eating noodles is not good for our body.

Noodles are low in protein and fiber and high in flats. So eating noodles for babies and pregnant women is not healthy at all.

2) He has lived for 49 years just by drinking tea as food: –

India mart

Many of us love to drink tea. We all have the habit of drinking tea at least twice a day.

But if that is the case, then anyone is just drinking tea all day! Again 49 years long.

Are you surprised? This is exactly what happened to an old woman from Beldia village in Shyambazar panchayat of Guwahat in Hooghly district of India.

This woman loves to drink tea. There was a time when his family was so poor that he could not get enough food.

So he eats only 10 to 12 cups of tea a day to support his family.

Although he consulted doctors for his tea addiction and type, they could not help him. And he could not see a good doctor due to lack of money.

Sometimes this old woman’s body becomes so weak that she does not have knowledge for a while. And then when he regained consciousness on his own, he became normal.

3) This person has been eating only soap for 33 years: –


Noodles, tea, milk were all fine. These are human food ingredients. But can soap be applied to a skin or dish?

After hearing this, many may be wondering how this can be possible?

Abdul Karim of Dutt village of Naldan upazila of Manmohan Singh district has been eating soap for the last 33 years!

Abdul Karim has been eating soap since childhood. At first he ate soap foam. Whose scent attracted him.

Then one day he dared to eat soap and since then he has been eating soap for 33 years.

He has to eat soap with his daily meal. He eats 7 soaps a day.

He owns a roadside food shop. And sitting there he eats soap.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.