Ooty Is The Magnificent Hills 4 Nature Lovers. Read Now

Queen Of hills Ooty

Ooty is a beautiful hill station and popular tourist destination in South India. The city of Silo is situated at an altitude of about 7350 feet in the lap of the Nilgiris. The natural beauty here will fascinate you. Here you will find tea gardens, mountain lakes, waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes. Also, not to be missed is the rare experience of toy train printing.

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Here we will discuss this famous place in Tamil Nadu.

Go to Ooty at certain times of the year:

Ooty can be visited all year round due to the pleasant weather in Ooty throughout the year. However, September to June is the best time to travel to Ooty. This time is suitable for travel as the weather is pleasant and clear. You can also go during the rainy season to enjoy the attractive natural beauty of Ower Ooty.

How To Go Ooty:

You have two routes from Kolkata to Ooty. If you want to go by train, you can reach Chennai Central in about 26 hours from Howrah station. From there you can reach Mettupalayam in about 9 hours by Nilgiri Express. From there you can reach Ooty in 4-5 hours by bus, taxi or toy train.

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And if you want to reach Queens of hills by air, you have to land at Coimbatore Airport. From there you can reach Queens of hills in about 2-3 hours by bus or taxi.

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Where To Stay :

There are luxury hotels and resorts that cost a minimum of Rs 600 to stay in Ooty. There are hotel facilities in Central Ooty, Ooty Road, Mysore Queens of hills Lake, and Charing Cross areas. You can book a hotel on arrival or in advance from the hotel booking website.

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Circulating in different places of Queens of hills:

You can get around by booking a taxi or bus from the hotel or the tourist spot.
Where to go?

Ooty Lake:

Ooty Lake is one of the best places to visit Queens of hills. Its natural beauty is extraordinary. There are different types of boating arrangements. By doing this boating you can enjoy its natural beauty better. There are various fun activities for children. Here you can also enjoy the mini toy train.

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Ooty’s Botanical Garden:

Queens of hills Botanical Garden is a place of natural beauty located 3 km away from Queens of hills Lake. The garden is spread over an area of about 22 acres. The garden is decorated with a variety of flowers, shrubs, ferns, orchids, and more. Here is another form of nature.

beautiful botanical garden
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Doddabetta Peak:

The road from Ooty to Dodabeta is very beautiful. You will feel great when you walk through the middle of the winding road and the surrounding tall trees. When you reach here, you will see the amazing beauty of Queens of hills. It is the highest peak of the Nilgiris. Its height is about 2623 meters. From now on, you can see the vast forests, lakes, and localities.

from doddabetta peak
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Coonoor is another beautiful hill town located 19 km from Queens of hills. There are so many beautiful travel spots here. You can take a taxi or toy train from Queens of hills to Coonoor. However, most people prefer to travel by toy train, because you can witness the beauty of the toy train.

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When you reach here, you will see a beautiful tea garden. In these gardens, you can get a great experience of making tea and walking in the garden.

  • Dolphin Nose: One of the best viewpoints of Coonoor is Dolphin Nose. It is located at an altitude of about 1000 feet above sea level.
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  • Lamb’s rock ViewPoint: Another viewpoint of Coonoor is Lamb’s Rock. From now on, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the green covered hills, tea gardens, and coffee gardens. This is an ideal place for photography.
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  • Sim’s Park: Like Ooty’s Botanical Gardens, Coonoor’s Sims Park is full of natural beauty. This parky is decorated with different tree flowers. There are also boating arrangements here. This is a great place to spend some time with friends and family.
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  • Pykara Boat: Paikara Lake is a beautiful tourist destination located about 20 km from Queens of hills. The natural beauty here will fascinate you. Speed boats and motorboats are available to enjoy the beauty of the lake. While boating you will see the beautiful jungle on the shores of the lake.
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  • Pykara Waterfalls: Pykara Water Falls has located just 2 km from Pykara Lake. This waterfall is very popular among tourists on the way to Queens of hills Mysore. Its beauty is remarkable as it is located in the jungle. Its beauty is enhanced during the rainy season.
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Government Rose Garden, Ooty:

A very beautiful Rose Garden is located in the middle of Queens of hills city. This is a very good place, especially for nature lovers. The smell of green gardens and colorful roses creates a beautiful atmosphere in the garden. A great place to spend time in the middle of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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You can also visit the Wax Museum and various shooting spots in Ooty. Needless to say, traveling to Queens of hills will captivate your mind for a lifetime.

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