Are you an Anime Lover ?? Guess what here are the top 5 latest animes that you may be missing to watch!! Read to find out more!!

top latest animes of 2021


top 5 latest animes

It may be a kids cartoon for others but for us, anime lovers it’s a story that sometimes boosts our morals and sometimes relieves us from deep anxieties. Well, it will be a waste if I mention the popular animes as they are already known by all I guess, but the thing we don’t like is to wait. So, apart from waiting why not include some series on our list so that we can remain entertained every day. So, here are some top 5 latest animes of 2021 that you may have missed. 

1. So I’m a Spider, So What?

So I’m a Spider, So What? or “Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?” is an anime that starts with reincarnation. The story is based on a girl who is reincarnated as a spider and she tries everything she can to live and it will look weird at the start but after 2 episodes, I bet you’re gonna love it. The animes feature action, adventure, comedy, and of course, it’s family-friendly. 


The anime starts with students studying in their classroom and suddenly a huge blast occurs that kills every one of them. After that, the children are shown reincarnated as humans in another world where they can use magic and have to survive as warriors. The protagonist is a shy girl who is very unpopular and she reincarnates as a spider. From here on she does everything in her might to survive and gradually becomes stronger over time. 

The story is in a world where there are warriors the protectors and demons the destroyers who want to rule overall. It will be fun to watch on which side the protagonist sides herself, will she be able to become a hero as spider guess we will know after some episodes. 

2. Back Arrow

The very latest anime “Back Arrow” is based on a fantasy world “Ringarindo” that is covered by a great wall with no way to break through from it. The wall is God that protects the world and cultivates, nurtures the life within it, this the belief of the people inside the wall. According to people, there is nothing beyond the wall and going against the wall is a sin. 

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There are objects that often fall as meteors and are called Rakuho’s. Rakuho’s contain bracelets called Bind Wrapper that transforms a being into a giant robot. Everything in the world goes like it until a boy one day comes inside a Rakuho and then attempts to go beyond the wall while breaking the fundamentals of “Ringarindo”.

3. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

This anime is based on the life of a twin-sisters who are born as half-demons. The twin-sisters Moroha and Setsuna who are daughters are daughters of a great Dog-demon Inuyasha and human Kagome. In old Japan, Setsuna is separated from Towa in a forest fire. While searching for her Towa wanders to a mysterious tunnel that sends her to present-day Japan.


Towa is raised by two humans in present-day japan while her sister becomes a demon slayer in feudal-era Japan. After 10 years the cave re-opens they re-unite while fighting a demon with Moroha and then all of them set out on an adventure defeating great demons.

4. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

This anime is based on the reincarnation of humans into a fantasy world where demons, goblins, lizardmen, humans, and many other creatures live. The series starts with the death of a young man who then reincarnates as a slime. Although being the weakest monster the slime befriends a storm dragon and gains a number of skills and abilities.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 1

Then the things start to get interesting. Although a slime he gets to become a ruler of a group of monsters and makes its goal to build a nation of monsters where everyone could co-exist. This anime was released in 2019 but still isn’t much popular and trust me, ignoring it is really regretful. The anime is filled with great actions, fantasy, comedy, and Echi that makes it a great series above all. 

At the current time, the series shows how a slime evolves to become a demon lord to revive its dead citizens who were ruthlessly killed by a human attack. 

5. Noblesse

Are you interested in vampires? Guess what here is an anime that would really suit your genre moreover especially girls !! This anime series shows a battle between humans, Nobles(Vampires), and werewolves. Can you guess who is on the side of justice?? Well, it’s Nobles, didn’t expect that much?

Noblesse Season 2 release date predictions Crunchyrolls Noblesse Awakening OVA episode

This anime starts with the handsome and charming king of Nobles, the Noblesse who awakens after 820 years of sleep. He then wanders and arrives at a middle school where he meets his underling Frankenstein ‘ an immortal human being’. The anime features a council of evil humans who genetically modified themselves to gain new heights of supernatural strength and wishes to rule over mankind. 

To save mankind from perish, Nobles and werewolves unite and fight together to their utmost limit, and what are the sacrifices they made?? you should find out yourself. 


These animes are not the popular ones and may not even compete with top-tiers. Inspite of that these top 5 latest animes hold a great story and ultimate work of animation that makes worth watching while waiting for the latest episodes of top-tier animes.