World Oceans Day : Do You Know Why World Oceans Day Is Celebrated Every Year On 8th June? Read On To Know

World Oceans Day : Do You Know Why World Oceans Day Is Celebrated Every Year On 8th June? Read On To Know

In this entire universe they are thousands of day which is being observed or celebrated throughout the world or globally, among which one of the most important day is World Oceans Day.

You might be surprised after hearing this thing that a specific date has been to celebrate Oceans day globally.

Also, some people are going to think that we are talking just rubbish as because no such specific date is celebrated in the world.

But for your kind information, the entire world used to celebrate World Oceans Day every year on 8th June. It is being celebrated as similar to the other special day.

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We’ll they are some people who knows nothing regarding this specific day, so in order to make you inform regarding that specific day we are here for you.

In this article we are going to discuss what exactly World Oceans Day means and why it is being celebrated throughout the world.

We are going to discuss what is the reason behind celebrating it and who has introduced it first.

So read on till the end together the maximum number of information regarding the specific day.

The World Oceans Day is observed on 8th June every year throughout the world.

You must have known that our planet comprises 70 percent of the oceans, which is extremely crucial for promoting and supporting lives.

Degradation of the oceans can lead to disaster which can destroy the earth’s entire dynamics along with natural resources.

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This specific concept was first proposed by Canada’s International Centre for Ocean Development and the Ocean Institute of Canada in the year 1992 at the Earth Summit. In 2008, World Oceans Day was officially recognised by the United Nations.

In order to keep up maintenance of the specific Day theme used to change accordingly to save and protect oceans throughout the world.

Theme For The Year 2022 :

Every year in order to celebrate the specific day, the United Nations government used to select a specific theme based upon which days day is celebrated or observed.

For this year, i.e., 2022, the theme which has been selected for observing “Revitalisation : Collective Action for the Ocean”.

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Every event has been arranged by the government of the United Nation based upon this specific theme.

History Behind Celebrating World Oceans Day :

According to the history, first time the World Oceans Day was proposed in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro by the United Nations.

As of history, the World Oceans Day was introduced to the common people in order to make every person understand regarding why oceans are important in our life.

And how oceans are protecting our life from different harmful activities and why we need to save oceans and protected them.

According to the information, since 2002, the world oceans network has built up various support in order to raise an awareness for protecting oceans.

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In order to perform so an event was introduced in the same year of 8th June. This entire event was sponsored by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.

Probably near around 5th December 2008, the general assembly of the United Nations has passed a resolution to designate this specific day.

As of information, apart from the UNESCO, other agencies belonging underneath the aegis of the United Nations such as the United Nations Environment Programme and FAO has also worked together to protect coastal and marine ecosystem.

Hope this was enough helpful as we have provided why exactly people are celebrating or observing this days throughout the world. Let us know your opinion regarding this article in the comment section

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