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Child Labor: An Outcome of reckless reproduction?


India is one of the very few countries that have such a massive amount of child labor. Five out of twenty children in the society become labors and start working before the age of ten, some even before they have turned five.


They don’t get to go to school, play with their friends or do anything that is ought to be done by children of that age group. Childhood vanishes under the load of the tons of bricks that they carry on their beautiful heads. Soft hands which could have penned down poetry has now become hard as a result of the continuous exertion that it goes through.

  • But the question is ‘why’!
  • Why is the number so high in India?
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Is it the result of irresponsible reproduction?

The country is quite huge. There are more than a billion people living in this province. According to the stated facts, seventy percent of the total population lives in the countryside. The condition of rural India is not exactly staggering.

Most of them living there do not have any idea about basic human rights or children’s rights and hence they are deprived of it. People have no clue about the idea of family planning and reproduction takes place without control. Sex education in India quite weak when compared with the west, as a result, people reproduce without ” thinking twice”.

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Most families are economically backward therefore the parents fail to provide the necessities to their children. Being deprived of basic things, the children find no other option other than start earning money from an early age.

Poverty, social backwardness, the lure of cheap labor, physical abuse, illiteracy snatches away the golden days of a person. It is a crime against humanity yet it somehow manages to remain in the shadows.

“A century that began with the kids having virtually no rights is ending with the kids having the most powerful legal instrument that not only recognizes but protects their human rights.”

How to end this!

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The problem of child labor is not that simple. The changes cannot take place over night. Small steps have to be taken in order to stop child labor. It is important to understand that the government plays an important role in this. It is crucial to get into the root cause of it.

The biggest cause of child labor is poverty. The most important thing to do right now, is to concentrate on the cause of the economic differences in ur country.

How come 10 percent tastes champagne and caviar whereas the rest of them starve?

The government should enforce laws that protect the farmers from tax scams and help them in earning some profit so that they can at least afford the needful. Education should be made easy to access. The government should make basic education compulsory. The laws regarding child labor need to be sturdy. It is equally important for us to spread awareness so that people can understand the importance of education and stop throwing their children to work.

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Domestic as well as industrial employers must be discouraged from hiring children under a certain age group. People tend to hire young labor as it has low cost and children can easily be tamed in a certain way. This has to stop. It is high time that this country realizes that the children are the future and stop exploiting their innocence.

Child labor has existed in many forms for over a thousand years now. It is the devil of the society that rummages the basic principle of a child. There can be no excuse for this. Every child irrespective to their caste, creed, gender, financial status and class should not be deprived of the love, care and safety they deserve.