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Conjuring 3

Conjuring 3! Hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am again with another master class horror movie review article which is also my favorite movie may be till now!

Finally, after a long wait, the movie Conjuring 3 of the Conjuring movie series was released.

Conjuring is a common word for ghost movie lovers. Hollywood’s Annabell, The Nun, all of these are related to each other and are one of the most conjuring.

Adding all of these movies together is a paranormal investigator couple, Ed and Lauren Ward, who are actually present in the world and most of the movies are true events and also Conjuring 3

Every movie related to Conjuring movie has captured people’s minds every time. So many people were waiting for the masterpiece this time. The Conjuring 3 director said that this movie is very different from the rest and it was the most difficult case in the life of this and Lauren. And they will show the whole thing on the screen.

After hearing this news, the interest increased even more about conjuring 3. And the 2021 film was finally released. So let’s take a look at the review of the story.

Conjuring 3 Movie Reviews

Conjuring 3

Conjuring 3, The Devil made me to do it The story of the movie begins with an amazing incident inside a house in a completely dark area.

David is a little boy at home that has been behaving strangely for quite some time. This is because the devil has overpowered David, which is simply called Possessions.

And we all know that when a person is possessed by Satan, the only way to get rid of him is Exorcism.

Where there are ghosts there will be no Ed and Lawrence, it can’t be. David, a small innocent child possessed by the devil, was present in his family with his father, mother, sister and sister-in-law Arne.

The reason for mentioning Arne’s name will be known after a while.

The priest of the church has been called to chase the devil out of David’s body. But before the priest arrives, David behaves in such a way that his whole body begins to bend in a very bad way.

David goes to the bathroom and sees a devil’s hand on the door, comes out and then these things happen.

The priest leaves and begins exorcism. And then there was so much air in the room that a plate hit the priest in the head and he fell down.


That’s when Arne, David’s sister’s boyfriend, says to the devil inside David, if you have the courage, enter my body; Leave the little one alone.

Ed sees the incident with his own eyes and forbids Arne to stop talking to the devil, which will only increase the danger.

Lauren then closes her eyes while exorcism and sees something as if someone is stopping her from doing her job and there is a big secret behind all this.

The diameter then all calmed down instantly and Ed’s body suddenly became very bad. The devil leaves David’s body.

When everyone took Ed to the hospital, the doctor said Ed had a heart attack and could have died if he hadn’t had the right time.

But the real story begins when, a few days later, when Ed regains consciousness and tells Lauren that the devil hasn’t actually left David’s body, he’s in Arne’s body.

After hearing this, Lauren calls their home, but can’t hear the phone because of the loud music market. Lorraine was forced to call the police to save Arn’s family.

But Arn’s body is slowly becoming so devilish that he kills the owner of his house and his boss.

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Police arrested the article but Ed and Lauren went to the lawyer to save him. The lawyer told them the court would never believe in ghosts.

Then when Ed and Lauren went to see Arne in prison, he was very easy to use and even read the Bible beautifully.

Then the story turns to the other side. Ed and Lauren begin to investigate all of this. And after questioning the man in David’s house, they found out that there was a bed here before he came to this house and David saw another man’s face in the shoe there and a lot of water and two hands came out from below.

After hearing this, when Ed and Lorraine go to check the water pipes in the basement below the house, Lorraine sees a devil tortoise.

Ed and Lauren realize that there is an answer to all these questions and a big secret behind this tortoise.

When they take this tortoise to the Father of the Church, he says that Satan did not come here by himself. With the help of this tortoise someone is doing all this with the lives of devils.

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Now who is that unknown one who is blessed by the devil? And can Ed and Lauren save Arne?

See now Conjuring 3 The devil made me to do it.

Amd I would like give 3.5 star to Conjuring 3 from my side. Thank you!