The mental health problems of the nurses during the COVID-19!! Let’s know some informative facts about this serious problem!!!


Nowadays due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the hospitals are found to a higher amount of workload always. Nurses of the several departments in the hospitals like the emergency department are having a higher amount of work pressure especially in recent times due to the Covid 19. Besides, a lack of manpower is observed at the busy departments of the hospitals. Nurses always stay busy in providing healthcare services to the patients and the workload creates mental pressure among them.

Besides, the patients and their families commit pieces of violence against nurses that hamper their state of mind. During the pandemic of Covid 19, the life risk of the nurses has been increased. In addition to this, the pandemic situation also increased the life risk of their families too. Besides, the workload and work pressures at the hospitals were increased wildly during the pandemic of Covid 19.

The increased work-load and the increased life risk of nurses and their families are resulting in the mental health disorders of nurses. In addition to this, nurses are experiencing anxiety that is leading them towards depression. Before the pandemic, the nurses were feeling stressed about their job and were not satisfied with their job. The pandemic of Covid 19 has increased their stress and dissatisfaction with their job and also led. them towards depression.


Types of mental health problems in nurses

Nowadays, the mental health of nurses is a very prevalent topic as the mental disorders happening among the nurses are increasing day by day as a result of the negative impact of the Covid 19 situation. There are various kinds of mental health problems that have been happening among the nurses due to the negative effect of their working environment and condition as well as due to the increased workload. A study shows from 27 percent to 80 percent of nurses worldwide have been suffering from problems of depression on a daily basis.

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The huge load of the works in the several departments such as the “Emergency departments” can also be the cause of the mental issues of the nurses. On the other hand, the negative affect behavior of the patients as well as their families also can have an impact on the mental health of the nurses. Commonly depression, panic attack, social dysfunction, anxiety, schizophrenia and somatic symptoms can happen among the nurses because of their adverse working environment and conditions which have been happening due to the impact of the Covid 19 pendamic.

The deficiency in sleeping brings the problems of anxiety and followed by depression. Besides that, as the result of rude behaviors of the patients’ families the nurses also can have depression as well as schizophrenia.

Moreover, due to the excessive work pressure because of the covid environment can drag the nurses’ body towards the panic attack, social dysfunction and personality disorders. The somatic symptoms can arise in the nurses’ body due to their job dissatisfaction.

The bipolar disorder also can take place in the nurses’ body due to their shifting issues as well as due to the impacts of the excessive work load. Therefore, it is determined that the various kinds of severe mental disorders can come up in the nurses’ body due to the impacts of the negative working environment and condition as well as the excessive workloads of the coronavirus infection.


Therefore, it is clarified that the mental conditions of the nurses are deteriorating day by day. As the Nurses do the moral duties towards society and provide care to patients and support them in emergency conditions of their health, so if the actions against these kinds of serious problems are not taken, then the world will suffer a dangerous problem and the people will not get the medical requirements in their needed time.