Worried about being an Introvert?? Here are some cool advantages of being an Introvert over Extrovert!! Read to know more!

advantages of being an introvert


advantages of being an introvert

You aren’t alone if you think that being an introvert gets you behind in society. There are a number of other people who believe that introverts are not capable enough to shine and that’s where they are wrong. Although late, the world has now started to recognize that we quiet people have our own advantages of being introvert that even exceeds of extroverts.
Being an introvert is really OK and in fact, a healthy and proud way to live life! Today let’s know about the advantages of being an introvert!

Better Self-awareness:

Not feeling comfortable in the crowd is just okay and doesn’t mean that we aren’t social. It just means that we value ourselves more than others and that’s really a good thing. We feel comfortable being alone because we ought to think about our capabilities and tend to improve them ourselves. Being alone gives us a time of peace where we relax and get ready for another day.

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We introverts are not really scared of crowded places, it’s just that we value our private space more than others and there are only chosen people whom we welcome. This is one of the advantages of being an extrovert and this greatly keeps us away from toxic people. We know ourselves better and this really helps us to choose people with whom we can be comfortable.

Introverts are good listeners:

We introverts have more patience than others and we always stay open to other’s opinions. We are mostly good listeners and always listen to what others want to share. We carefully listen and understand what others are saying or feeling rather than bulging into the conversation. We are good at keeping secrets and also provide effective advice after analyzing their situation carefully instead of just spicing up the discussion.

Good Listener

Because of our private nature, we introverts don’t weight up the conversation by adding our stories but tend to listen what other is trying to convey which makes us trustworthy among others.

Focus and deep thinking ability: 

As we stay away from socializing it just gives us more time to think about other stuff. We focus on other things that matter the most which make us more effective in our work. As we stay from unnecessary discussions, we have more time and energy to devote ourselves to accomplishing a task. We introverts have less conversation and chit-chats to attend which removes distractions and allows us to focus more on our work. 

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Other than friendly conversations, we people have fewer things to care about due to which we are less stressed and thus have a great active mind to accomplish our task with great results. Sometimes we get tired easily but not because we are lazy but we process a lot of information based on observation to make a decision and that really takes a toll on us.

Sharp Observation:

Yes, it is what Buelow considers our “Superpower” that keeps us on top of others. When others are busy talking or making memories, we introverts observe our surroundings deeply. We notice other people’s body language, their behavior that helps in making good communication when needed.

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We are more silent in meetings, but not because we are unattentive but because we are soaking in the information that’s been presented and thinking critically about it. We examine what’s going around, being presented to us or what the person expects from us and act accordingly to deal with it.

Deep Relationship: 

Well, being an introvert doesn’t mean that we are alone. We do have a small group of friends and yes they are worth hundreds. Extroverts are more on racking up a huge bundle of connections and consider almost anyone as friends. We, on the other hand, are really picky when it comes to making connections thanks to which we maintain a strong bond and have people on whom we can count on. 

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Introverts are mostly considered as self-centered and lone walkers which is not really the case. It’s just that there are fewer people with whom we feel comfortable but when we do, we really rock it up. Instead of owning a crowd, we have bonding that lasts long and has greater enjoyment.


Whether be an introvert or not, we all have got our own advantages unique to ourselves. Comparing with others is a good thing to improve but transforming ourselves to them isn’t really the right thing for anyone. It’s better to just try and become a better version of yourself every day. The advantages of being an introvert are even more than we could expect but whether to make them our strength or weakness depends on us.