What are the deadly food combinations? Let’s know about 10 deadly food combinations which you never ever try to consume together!!!


Everybody loves to eat. Sometimes people also love to try the new experiments of the foods. Some food combinations are very good but some of them are not at all good for health and sometimes it also can become very dangerous for our health and those food combinations are called deadly food combinations.


Description of ten deadly food combination

Bacon and Eggs- One of the dangerous and deadly food combinations is Bacon and Eggs. Eggs contain high level of protein and Bacon contain the fat which brings an instant energy in the body after eating this. Therefore, if Bacon and Eggs are eaten together, the energy that comes from Bacon will disappear very quickly due to the protein of the eggs and people suffer from the lethargy.

bacon eggs increase risk diabetes atherosclerosis

Fries and Burgers- The eating combination of the Burgers and Fries are also very harmful for our health which we often eat together. As Fries and Burgers are deep fried, so they contain high level of trans fat which normally decreases the blood pressure level of the body and also people can feel sleepy as well as sleepy.


Juice and Cereal- Juice and Cereal is such a food combination which often we take as a break fast as they contain energies, so they are very healthy individually. But if they are consumed together, it can be harmful because it can give us discomfort and also can be cause of the heaviness. Apart from that, the acids which are coming from the orange juice, generally disrupts the action of the carbohydrate breaking enzymes which comes from the Cereal.

cereal and juice

Soda and Pizza- We often like to eat pizza with the soft drinks which contain soda. But the food combination of Soda and Pizza can be dangerous for our body. The carbs which is present in pizza normally utilize a large amount of energy for the sake of the digestion. In the meantime, if such a food is eaten which contain sugar, it can be harmful for the body because the soda interrupts the digestion process as well as the other stomach procedures.

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Nuts and Olive Oil- The combination of the nuts and the olive oil is also one of the dangerous food combinations that can be harmful for our health. The nuts contain protein and the olive oil contain the row fat. These two elements never mix, so the digestion process of the fat disrupts the digestion process of the protein. Therefore, the digestion problems can happen in our body.


Pasta with Tomato- We often eat pasta it is not harmful for our body but if the pasta contains tomato then it becomes dangerous. Pasta normally contains large amount of starchy carbs which is very difficult for digestion, on the other hand, the tomatoes that are strong acidic in nature, therefore it brings hindrance within such a difficult digestion process. Thus, bloating can be formed in our body by eating pasta and tomatoes together.


Fruit with Yogurt- Fruit and Yogurt are individually very healthy but it turns to be harmful when those are eaten together. The protein which comes from the yogurt, whenever mix with some acidic fruits, it often diminishes the digestive fibers as well as can produces large amount of toxins. Beside this, this food combination also can bring the various kinds of cold allergies.


Potatoes and Meat- Another harmful food combination is the potato and meat. These two foods together also can create the digestive problems as well as the stomach problems.

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Cough Syrup and Lemon- Cough Syrup and Lemon also can be harmful for our body if these two are eaten together. Lemon often can block the actions of the enzymes which generally need in order to break down the “cough suppressant dextromethorphan”. If the actions of the enzymes are blocked then the “cough suppressant dextromethorphan” cannot be broken down, therefore the cough syrup can create the bloodstream which commonly causes the various kinds of side effects.

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Milk and Bananas- The combination of milk and bananas often can make our body very heavy. Apart from that, these two together form a large amount of toxins, which is not at all good for health.


Thus, it is clarified that these types of food combinations should be avoided to keep our body healthy and fit.