Do you know how to make Chilli Soya at your home? Let’s read to know the easiest way of making in just 30 minutes!!…

Chilli Soya

Hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am again with another recipe article and this time it’s one of my favorite Chilli Soya.

So guys as we all know that in this 2021, the second wave of covid-19 has come and the lockdown has started again in India and some other countries.

The food habits of us is not good at all. Most of the people don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle. They eat street foods, visit restaurants most time.

So today I am again thinking about that let me tell you some food recipe that you love and want to eat in this pandemic situation and can’t go outside. Obviously you can make it in your home.

Chilli Soya is a well known food that we all know but this is made by many people in mang ways. I have also tried it at home and now will tell you my way to make it.

It is so tasty and healthy also that children love it too much. It takes less time to make and easy step to do.

All the materials, equipment and cooking steps will describe briefly, please read carefully.

So lets start…


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Soyabean = 200gm
Egg = 2 piece
Rice bran oil = 300ml (approximately)
Arrowroot = Quantitatively
Onion = 250gm (approximately)
Garlic and Ginger paste = 100gm/ Quantitatively
Chilli = Quantitatively
Capsicum = 2 ps/ Quantitatively
Tomato = Quantitatively /you can also use only tomato sauce without using tomato as vegetable.
Water = Quantitatively
Pepper gum = Quantitatively
Fannel flour = Quantitatively
Salt =Quantitatively
Tomato sauce = Quantitatively
Chilli sauce = is
Soya sauce = Quantitatively
Chilli powder = Quantitatively


The gas oven
The pan
The Pickaxe
One big bowl
Two small bowl

Okay guys so all the materials and equipments are ready for making Chilli soya. Now let’s go to the main steps of cooking Chilli Soya.
Read all the steps.

Making of Chilli Soya

Step. 1

At first take the soybeans into a bowl and full it with water.
Then turn on the gas oven and let the soya beens be boiled.

Step. 2

After that take another bowl and pour the bpiled soya beans in it.

Add the arrowroot and egg in it first and mix it up very properly.
Add salt and pepper gum also in it and then let it be mixed up.

Step. 3

Take all the vegetables and cut them by knife very carefully.

Step 4

Then take the onion paste , ginger garlic paste, chilli paste and add it into the bowl of the mixed soyabean.
And mix it up very properly.

Add the all three sauces, Tomato, chilli soya in it and mix it up again properly.

Step 5

After that take the pan onto the oven and turn on it.
Pour some oil in it and let it be warmed.

Step 6

When the oli will be warmed then take one by one soya beans from the mixture.
And then pour it into the oil very carefully and fry it properly.

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Step 7

Next when all the soyabeans have been fried up properly, put them into a separate bowl.

If after frying soyabeans oil is still in the pan (if not, pour some more oil) then put all the vegetables into the pan and let’s fry it.

Step 8

When the vegetables have fried add the fried soya beans in it. Cook it properly.

Chilli soya

Step 9

Then add some water and all three sauces in it and again cook it perfectly.

Cover the pan and let it be cooked.

So guys your Chilli Soya is ready now. Take a bowl and put it into that very carefully.

Serve it into the palte and take your lauch with your favorite rice or you can taste if with rooti also.

So guys hope you like this recipe and wanna try once at home?
Don’t be late, just try it at your home and make something different for you and your family.

Don’t forget to give me feedback. Thank you!..