Feeling of Emptiness: What it could mean and 3 simple steps to overcome it effectively.


Feeling emotional, restless and distracted, but not knowing where the emotions are coming from? It is quite natural for anyone to feel this way, especially during a transition phase, like the onset of adulthood. Feeling “empty” may actually come from too many problems or thoughts, and you mind trying to just repress them!

Stress can sometimes make you restless, and you just have to keep distracting yourself from the emptiness, but it only gets worse. However, there are many ways to actually trace your issue, and let the feeling pass. The best way to let this happen in by acknowledging what you are going through instead of fearing it or escaping it!

Talking to someone about it may not help- especially with introverts who cannot possibly express themselves in conversation. The key is to have a good touch with your own mind, and becoming familiar with your responses and expressions. Here are 3 ways you can sit through your emptiness until you feel better.

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Step One: Think about your feeling: what are the reasons for stress?

The void that appears momentarily, could be from particular issues that have caused you stress, sadness or anger in the recent days. It is best to sit alone for a while and think of all the things that are bringing you down. It will definitely get easier to relieve the burden once you acknowledge what is causing the problem.

Sometimes it could be a tiny failure like an academic below expectation result, or something that your friend said, or someone’s text that you are waiting for! Yes, you may not have realised that the small thing has caused you a great deal of stress. You will often find yourself distracted, unwilling to talk to friends, and yet, even being alone makes you sad!

It could also be bigger issues, like an important career decision, a lack of motivation, unemployment, or failing to achieve success in something.

Try to go back in time and figure out what are the things that happened to stress you out in the past few days or hours.


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Go back to old favourite songs, letters, diaries, write in your journal

It is very difficult to suddenly find a sense of purpose. Nor is it easy to figure out a solution of sorts, to your problem. But it will happen in good time! So, in the mean time, instead of just hovering around with that crazy feeling inside your heart, you can turn to more familiar, comforting things that will bring back positivity.

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An excellent way of doing this is by turning to your old childhood or teenage favorite songs. Also, you could read old diaries or notes that your loved ones wrote to you, which bring back memories that are really close to you! Memories are a great way to fill the emotional “void” so to speak. Talking to an old, trusted friend can also be a great way to go.

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Meditation, or relaxing exercises

Meditation is a great way to relax your mind! Different kinds of anxieties that come as part of the “void” and restlessness, can be set off with a great meditation session. It will also help you focus and recognize the stressful parts of your life, and sometimes lets you think clearly. Thus your path to finding a great solution will also be clear.

There are plenty of online mediation guides and exercises to help you relax, even on YouTube.

Most importantly, do not hesitate to seek professional help if you find depression setting in for a long period of time.

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