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Are you interested in History?? Here are some ‘Insane Human Experiments’ that were performed during World Wars!! Read the article to Find out more..!!



Wars have remained an important part of history as they had a major contribution towards shaping the world we now live in! But many histories lie far beyond the books we read in our classrooms, including stories more terrifying than storms and experiments incomparable to the most fictional movies. 

Human experiment

These experiments were committed in the name of science to get information to serve humanity but did they? Let’s get on board and unveil the history of the Worst human experiments that happened during World War!

Kamera – Poison experiment of Soviet Union

This human experiment is famous by different names like Laboratory 1, Laboratory 12 but its popularity, or should we say inhumanity is known by other dark experiments that it once held.  The lab was established in 1921 to experiment on people who were sentenced to the highest measure of punishment.

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So what do you think the highest punishment would occur? 
Well if the idea of poisoning war prisoners with multiple chemicals didn’t occur to you, then congrats you belong to the normal category of our race. The area before known as “Special Office” got its name “Laboratory 1” in 20th Feb 1931 headed by “Grigory Mairanovsky” under whom many ruthless experiments were carried out. 

Grigory Mairanovsky

In these human experiments, the prisoners were given different chemicals which included mustard gasricindigitoxincurare, cyanide, and many others and the worst part is that they didn’t even know it until their lungs stopped breathing and heart stopped beating. The aim of all this ruthless killing was never for serving humanity but instead, was to discover an odorless and tasteless combination of Gas that had the potential to kill someone without being detected. 

American Mustard Gas Experiment

No wonder mustard gas had remained a favorite subject for every experiment during world war. Among the number of other experiments, America was also involved in unethical human experiments were it tested mustard gas on the soldiers or it can also be said “the chosen soldiers”. 
The chosen soldiers included “African-American” and “Japanese-Ameican” and the aim of the experiment was a study. “Yes”, A study to analyze how mustard gas would affect black people by experimenting on black people race. The belief was that this could make the black race immune during the battle when the Mustard gas would be released on the front line. 

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In these human experiments, the people were exposed to “Mustard Gas” in three different ways ” Patch test (applying directly on the skin)”, “Field Test (Exposing people to gas in open area)”, and “Chamber Test( Piping Mustard Gas in a locked chamber with people)”. For contrast; Mustard Gas is so harmful that it destroys the DNA of the victim within seconds of contact and causes painful painful skin blisters and burns. It could lead to life-threatening illnesses including Leukemia, skin cancer,  and asthma. 

UK biological weapon testing

Just like the US, UK also has a history of doing harmful researches on the army but the fact which makes it different is, that it also did it to harmless general people. Yupp, as much as terrifying as it sounds, the experiment was done in the name of science to just observe. The experiment was carried out to see how much the dispersed chemical would spread in the atmosphere.

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These human experiments were done under the blanket of the false impression that it was a weather experiment which was a “lie”. The experiment used Cancerogenic chemicals like “zinc cadmium sulfide” that when dispersed spread to 1000 miles away till New York. Many officials say that the experiments were done with harmless chemicals but the story of affected victims tells a different story.

Unit 731

Till now you all of you would have got an idea that this experiment also contained chemical experiments but this experiment has a unique story of the ruthlessness of its own. Let’s first get into the details excluding human experiments. 


The experiment was carried out in a facility officially named “Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army” which was made as a replacement for “Zhongma Fortress”. The test subjects were gathered from nearby local human populations and were called “logs”; nothing more than data of a file. 

unit 731 germs

So after the basics, let’s dive into the facts. It goes without saying that these human experiments included chemical experiments on humans but along with that, the experiments also included vivisection of living human beings. Many men, women, and children were taken for surgery in which without using anesthesia, their limbs were removed after infecting them with diseases. Many times limbs were reattached to the opposite side of the body and too without anesthesia. The experiment was continued until the victim falls to death. 

The experiments were conducted to study the working of diseases and the effect of blood loss where many organs like brains, stomach were removed, and the Esophagus being reattached to intestines and all of this was done while the person was alive without anesthesia. 


These were some of the intense inhuman experiments that were done on humans to make biological and chemicals weapons to strike the enemy infantry. Most of these experiments have now been put to stop, but the lives and suffering of the victims involved in these can never be cured.