What is Plastic Surgery? What are the types of Plastic Surgery? What is the cost of it? Let’s know some unknown and interesting facts of Plastic Surgery (2021)!!!


Plastic surgery is referred to as the surgical specialty, which includes several types of actions like reconstruction, alteration as well as restoration within the human body.  It has been determined that plastic surgery can be classified into two primary catagories such as cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Whereas Cosmetic surgery includes the transformation of normal appearance of people or removing the sign of increased age, reconstructive surgery involves hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, burn treatments and microsurgery. It has further been understood that reconstructive plastic surgery improves the functions of the body or one of its part on the other hand, cosmetic plastic surgery improve presence of a person.


Reconstructive plastic surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery generally includes the process of laceration repair, scar revision, tumor removal, hand surgery, “breast reduction plasty” and maxillofacial surgery.  Out of this breast reduction is the most popular reconstructive plastic surgery. It is very common among the women. It has been found that plastic surgeons usually utilize the process of cell tissue transferring with the help of microsurgery for covering the defect of injury in reconstructive plastic surgery.


Apart from that, by this procedure of plastic surgery, excessive amount of fat, bone, muscle and skin can be removed as well as move to other side of human body and developing link to the natural blood supply for maintaining balance of the body. As per the report of 2019, the cost of reconstructive plastic surgery can be depend on the type of surgery such as breast reduction surgery involves Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 whereas cost of tumor removal is Rs. 1,50,000 to 2,00,000.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery which improves people’s normal appearance is performed majorly in United States. The most common cosmetic surgeries are eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast augmentation as well as adminoplasty. The majority of plastic surgeons involve facelift and rhinoplasty surgery procedures. But some surgeons also use some non-surgical procedures including laser hair removal and Botox.  

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It has been determined that cosmetic plastic surgery also includes face reconstruction, genoplasty, mentoplasty, cheek augmentation, otoplasty and rehydectomy. In recent times, cosmetic surgery is popular among the celebrity people as they conduct plastic surgery for improving their specific part or removing the wrinkles for removing the sign of age from the face. It has been found from the report of 2019 that cost of cosmetic plastic surgery starts from Rs. 2, 60,000 to 4, 00,000. Thereby it has been clarified that cosmetic plastic surgery is very costly surgery so that this cannot be performed by any normal person.

Types of risks of Plastic surgery

Like every surgery, plastic surgery also has some complications. It has been found that various physiological and health risks can develop due to plastic surgery.  The Common health risks of Cosmetic plastic surgery are nerve damage, hematoma, scarring, infection, organ damage and implant failure.

On the other flip side, breast reduction surgery of reconstructive plastic surgery includes rupture as a side effect, whether other reconstructive surgeries like scar revision and tumor removal can bring different types of major disease like cancer and whiteness. On the other hand, it has been obtained that several types of psychological disorders like bipolar disorder, self destructive nature, social isolation, anxiety and depression for not meeting their demands effectively by plastic surgery.

As the coin has two sides, thereby every factor has their positive and negative side. It has henceforth been though the plastic surgery has some major health and psychological complications, effectiveness of plastic surgery is not unforgettable. It gives new life to the burn people. A huge number of acid affected people can regain their face by performing the plastic surgery. Therefore, it has been clarified that plastic surgery plays a very important role in our lives.